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"This Way."
Post Four. 
30th-May-2006 09:15 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Kicin, Ayeda
Date: 4.19.06

Ayeda: Call him over. *Tilts his head* We were interrupting the game Heo was trying to play with my Elrec. It's a naughty, naughty game.

Kicin: *From behind* Perhaps you shouldn't have asked then.

Ayeda: *Brightens like a puppy* Kicin~.

Kicin: *Half smile* It seems you've been causing trouble.

Ayeda: Trouble follows me around. *Childlike pout* It's not my fault at all~.

Kicin: *Taps his finger thoughtfully on his chin. Teasing* I wonder if I should believe that, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Playful* But that's only when I'm one the one inciting the trouble, my Kicin~.

Kicin: *Slightly arches an eyebrow* But that leaves question as to when you're not, dearest 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Tilts his head so that his hair falls over his eyes. Teasingly coy* Maybe I am trouble.

Kicin: *Tugs at a piece of hair* And perhaps I like trouble.

Ayeda: *Giggles and flirtatiously hides his mouth with his fingers*

Kicin: *Brushes hair over his shoulder* Care explaining what you're laughing at, 'yeda?

Ayeda: Nothing~. I just think you're being cuter than a kitten!

Kicin: *Smiles gently* A kitten? *Expecting elaboration*

Ayeda: *Glances shyly at Kicin* Maybe a puppy. I haven't decided yet. *Grin* I know! I'll buy you kitty ears!

Kicin: *Cocks his head slightly* I believe those would better suit someone like you, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Unsuccessfully smothers a giggle* I have three pairs! I wear them with my skirts.

Kicin: *Lowers his head to hide a smirk* Care to model for me, 'yeda?

Ayeda: *Cobalt eyes brighten at the idea. Excitedly* That sounds like fun~. But I only packed one pain of kitty ears. *Goes and hauls out a black duffle bag from the closet* In here! Pick an outfit for me!

Kicin: *Moves towards Ayeda. Kneels and examines the contents of the bag. Shakes his head to force hair out of his eyes. Quietly* Perhaps all of them, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Bends down and takes out an armful of clothing at random* I'll try these on! *Digs around and pulls out a pair of kitty ears* Here they are! *Straightens and glances around* But where should I change?

Kicin: *Fingers a randomly fallen piece of clothing. Slowly tilts his head back to stare up at Ayeda. Smiling generously* Shouldn't you know the answer to that?

Ayeda: *Chews his lower lip in thought* But there aren't any other free rooms but this one. *Pouts* The closet doesn't even have a door.

Kicin: *Still portraying an innocent smile* Then change here. *Pauses for a moment* Unless you're too shy.

Ayeda: I'm not shy~. *Grinning* But you have to turn around and promise not to peek~!

Kicin: *Tosses his hair to conceal his face* I'd rather close my eyes. *Does so* I'm not looking, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Waves his hand back and forth in front Kicin's eyes* Okay! *Sets down the clothes on the floor and sorts through them. Stands up and starts undressing* Oooooh, you're lucky, my Kicin~. This is going to be a cute outfit!

Kicin: *Grins slightly at the brush of air against his face as he realizes what Ayeda did. Listens to the sound of rustling clothes* Then dress quickly, dearest 'yeda. *Drops his head even lower. A quiet murmur* I'm not a particularly patient person.

Ayeda: *Drops his shirt on the floor and wiggles out of his jeans, kicking them off to the side. Teasingly* Don't rush a work of art. *Bends to pick up his randomly chosen outfit*

Kicin: *Laughs softly at the comment* I have yet to see something so grand, 'yeda. *Almost thoughtful* I suppose you're going to try proving that wrong?

Ayeda: *Pulls on the skirt first. Giggles very fainty* I don't try. I do. *Puts on the rest of his outfit. Fishes out a pair of knee high boots from his bag. Pulls them on and zips them up. Tugs futilely at his skirt since it's too high (though it's made to be that way). Puts on his kitty ears* I'm done~!

[Outfit on Ayeda.]

Kicin: *Slowly opens his eyes to give Ayeda an almost appreciative once over. Slides a hand through his hair, pusing it away from his face once again. Directly eyes Ayeda, teasing* You're supposed to model. Turn around, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Delighted laugh. Poses cutely before turning around slowly. Looks over his shoulder at Kicin and bites his lip* Do you like it so far?

Kicin: *Nods slowly, licking at his bottom lip with the edge of his tongue. With a smile* You're a very cute model, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Turns the rest of the way around until he's facing Kicin again. Pleased little smile* Thank you~. Elrechai thinks so too. *Tugs at his skirt again since it tends to ride up too high*

Kicin: *Pretends to show some interest in what Ayeda is saying* It's proper to compliment where necessary. *Stands from his position on the floor to move towards Ayeda. Reaches out and straightens the kitty ears while "accidentally" brushing the tips of his fingers through Ayeda's hair. As an afterthought* They were crooked.

Ayeda: *An odd, little half-smirk. Leans in the touch. Purrs* Is anything else crooked?

Kicin: *Delibrately dips his fingers a little deeper into Ayeda's hair. Eyes his mouth* I could name something...

Ayeda: *Bites the right side of his lip in a deliberately coy manner* What's that?

Kicin: *A sly smile* Perhaps I should have you guess. *Tilts his head slightly* A game. Do you like those, 'yeda?

Ayeda: Yes, but... *Pouts* How would I know what looks crooked or not? *Eyes suddenly darken in a naughty thought before his mouth curves into a devillish smile* Unless... there was a mirror? *Glances over towards one of the other side of the room*

Kicin: *Slides his eyes in the direction Ayeda is glancing. Blows at a wisp of hair tumbling over his forehead. Uses the hand resting lightly atop Ayeda's hand to trace a barely-there path down the side of his cheek* Then have a look.
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