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"This Way."
Post Five. 
30th-May-2006 10:10 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo, Kicin, Ayeda
Date: 4.20.06

Heo: *Slightly wide-eyed as Ayeda's words register. Blinks after a moment. Whispers back quietly, miming Ayeda's actions so no one else can see what they're talking about* Would that...work?

Kicin: *Shakes his head* Maybe it's better I don't know. *Eyes the room somewhat wearily*

Ayeda: *Licks his lips as he carefully listens. Gasps in shock at Heo's words, the faintest hint of a giggle before he says quietly* We'll never know unless we try~. I say we

Elrechai: *Glances at the two on the couch. Jokingly* They're certainly painting a pretty picture...

Heo: *Hides a smile with his other hand. Answers in an obviously amused tone* I...like that idea. *Contemplative expression* But how should we...do it?

Kicin: *Examines Elrechai rather thoroughly from beneath the fall of his hair. After a moment, somewhat coyly* You have a rather interesting imagination.

Ayeda: *Bites and taps his lower lip as he considers methods and positions before whispering* We'll have to find someone to test on, but not my Elrec~. He's the one you'll want to do it in the end but it has to be perfected. Like a dance. *Gracefully arches into Heo before falling back on the couch, giggling* It'll be fun!

Elrechai: *Turns back to Kicin in veiled surprise at his tone. Smiles roguishly* Hey, whatever gets me through the day.

Heo: *Rubs a hand through his hair as he thinks, mulling over Ayeda's words. Smirks slightly before leaning over Ayeda and placing lips to his ear* What if we...get Kic to do it? *Snickers softly. Almost hopeful* ...maybe?

Kicin: *Returns the smile with a crooked smirk* It makes me wonder what you're thinking right now. *Flickers his gaze towards Heo and Ayeda before settling his eyes on Elrechai once again*

Ayeda: *Puts his hands on Heo's shoulders in automatic response. Childlike amusement* That would be perfect, Heooo. But Kicin is a tough cookie. *Giggles against Heo's face at another idea. Playful whisper* We could double-team him~!

Elrechai: *Eyes follow Kicin's towards the scene on the couch before glancing back at Kicin. Faint hint of a chuckle in his half-smile* Really? I'm more interested in what you're thinking.

Heo: *Laughs at the hand pressed to his shoulder. Wiggles slightly at the feel of Ayeda's breath on his cheek. Half pouting as though he doesn't like the suggestion. Brightens slightly at another idea, leaning in closer to whisper* ...right now? We could...make Elrechai watch. But only a little.

Kicin: *Level, almost narrowed gaze directed at Elrechai* They're plotting something. *Nonchalant* That's what I think.

Ayeda: *Averts his eyes and chews his lip in consideration before focusing back on Heo* Okay, only a little. *Smothered giggle* What should I do?

Elrechai: *Smirk* 'yeda's always plotting something. I think Heo'd be drawn in by that childlike quality. *Turns back to the couch* Like puppies playing together...

Heo: *Rests his forehead on Ayeda's shoulder as he thinks. Slightly muffled* We need...a distraction.

Kicin: *Tucks hair behind his ears, partially revealing his eyes* Heo wouldn't resist most things. *Half shrug. Almost sardonic* Perhaps we should fear for our lives.

Ayeda: *Leans his face towards Heo's* Like what? I'm good at distractions, I can help.

Elrechai: Maybe. But... *Smirk* I'd rather stick around and enjoy the scenery.

Heo: *Turns his head slightly to glance at Ayeda. Incidentally staring at his mouth* I think... *Bites his lip in thought* Do you...have an idea?

Kicin: *A wider smile. Half nod* Agreement makes things easier. *Watches the two from the corner of his eye*

Ayeda: *Grins and proceeds to lazily wrap his left leg around Heo's waist* A distraction like that?
Elrechai: *Ayeda's movement attracts his eyes back to the pair lying on the couch* Now what are they playing at?

Heo: *Squirms a little closer and drapes an arm over Ayeda's shoulder. A light whisper* I...maybe. Is it...working?

Kicin: *Another impartial shrug* I'm currently unaware of their plans. *Brief pause* However, I could tell you what it looks like.

Ayeda: *Angles his head away from the other two to hide a pleased little smile* I think we've gotten attention, Heooooo. *Languidly wraps his arms around Heo's neck and pulls him down lower, closer* Do you have a plan now that we've got the audience focused on us?

Elrechai: *Undertone* Obviously, mate. *Grins* Tell me then, frigid shoulder.

Heo: *Flattens himself against Ayeda and partially nuzzles him. Quietly, though attempting to smother a giggle* Maybe we should...play more.

Kicin: *Tosses his head in response* I rather like this guessing game they've presented us with. *Smirking as he glances at the intertwined pair on the couch*

Ayeda: *Giggles. Whispers excitedly* Hey, suck on my neck. We need nice audio to go with the nice visuals~. *Quietly snickers*

Elrechai: *Tilts his head at the pair. Vague mutter* I hate guessing games... *Slow smile* But I like their game.

Heo: *Hides his amusement by nudging at Ayeda's throat. Against him, half laughing* ...okay. *Licks carefully at the skin before suckling lightly. Demonstratively fingers the lobe of one of Ayeda's ears at the same time*

Kicin: *Thoughtfully taps a finger against his chin. Almost to himself* Seems as though they're doing it on purpose. *Slow smirk. A little louder and in agreement* Yes. A pleasant game.

Ayeda: *Effortlessly hides his laughter. His eyes flutter shut. Slowly arches up into Heo, head tilting back. A pleased, breathy sigh before tossing his head to the side coyly* Heo~, no...

Elrechai: *Raises his eyebrows. Drawled amusement* 'yeda's still good at being a tease when it comes to shows.

Heo: *Slides his fingers down to cup Ayeda's jaw to hold him steady. Sucks a little harder, prodding with his tongue. Coaxing* Shh...let me. *Quietly against Ayeda* I...don't think it's working yet.

Kicin: *Rather amused but hides it with a slight frown. Cocks his head to the side but says nothing as he watches*

Ayeda: Mmm. *In agreement though it would appear to be a content moan to outsiders* Heoo, we shouldn't with other people in the room... *Turns his head back towards Heo's. Slowly drags his palm down Heo's back until it's dangerously low on his hip. Squeezes*

Elrechai: *Suggesting tone directed at Kicin* Y'know, I have a video camera...

Heo: Aah. *Whimpers soflty at the pressure on his hip. Slightly thrusts into Ayeda, increasing the pressure of his mouth upon the other's throat. A show of breathlessness as he speaks* Does it...matter? *Slips his hand into Ayeda's hair before tightening his grip ever so slightly in mock domination*

Kicin: *Attempts suppressing a chuckle* I do believe I like the way you think.

Ayeda: *Drags his free leg up until his foot is flat on the couche, uses it to cant his hips up at Heo's light thrust. Breathless little hitch of breath* Yyyy-yes, it does... Ah. *Tilts his head back as though Heo's pulling on his hair*

Elrechai: *Ventures into another room for a minute before coming back out with a recorder. Turns it on and points it at the two* Nothing like home made soft-core porn. *Chuckles*

Heo: *Slips his other hand down Ayeda's side, slowly massaging until he reaches his hips. Presses his pelvis down. Nuzzles at the slightly reddened spot on Ayeda's neck. Pleased laugh* Doesn't...seem like it. *Nuzzles his way along Ayeda's jaw before giving him a knowing, mischievous look. Places a light kiss on parted lips*

Kicin: *Moves to stand by Elrechai. Glances over his shoulder. Softly* I suggest getting closer for a clearer visual.

Ayeda: *Makes a pleased little sound at the back of his throat and 'involuntarily' moves himself again Heo. Flickers his tongue lightly at Heo's withdrawing lips. Protesting pout, even as he tightens his hold around Heo's neck. Almost as if inviting another kiss* But we shouldn't~. Elrec gets jealous easily.

Elrechai: Hn. *Glances over his shoulder before nodding in agreement* Nothing like a close-up of blackmail material. *Ventures a little closer, changing the angle*

Heo: *Gasps throatily at the 'unexpected' push against him, fingers tightening on Ayeda's hips to force him down into the couch. Licks his bottom lip, glancing at Elrechai with a devious smirk when he notices the recorder before returning his attention to Ayeda. Murmurs* ...not yet. *Nips lightly at Ayeda's mouth and squirms teasingly against him*

Kicin: *Stands back, watching the three of them with crossed arms. Even softer* I doubt something so spontaneous would work, but I like the idea of blackmail.

Ayeda: *Laughs huskily. Turns to look at their audience before suddenly freezing at the sight of the recorder* What...

Elrechai: *Smirks at Ayeda* Well, well... look who finally decided to look up.

Heo: *Tenses at Ayeda's own tension. Blinks in confusion* Um... *Chews on his lip*

Kicin: *Lifts a hand and mock waves at Ayeda. Light smile* I had no part in this.

Ayeda: *Furious blush across his nose and cheeks. Squirms and pushes up at Heo* Give me the tape, Elrechai!

Elrechai: *Turns off the recorder. Still smirking* Why? It's gonna be a cute video to share with the crew.

Heo: *Sits back on his knees at Ayeda's insistance, still biting his lip* I, um... *Unsure how to really react*

Kicin: *A slight grin at Ayeda's distress, though he says nothing. Watches Heo carefully* Heo...?

Heo: Ah, n-nothing... *Lowers his head. Continues chewing on his lip*

Ayeda: *Aghast. Hugs Heo briefly* It's not your fault. *Squirms up off the couch and insists* Elrechai, you can't. Please? Pretty please? *Tries grabbing for the recorder*

Elrechai: *Hides the recorder behind his back. Bats away Ayeda's hands* Why not? I bet Dom would think it's a riot.

Ayeda: *Tearfully* ...but.... you can't.

Heo: *Hides his face in his hands for a moment before slipping off the couch. Crosses his arms, pouting slightly. Indignant* Don't...be mean, Elrechai. *Almost begging look towards Kicin* Kic. Help...

Kicin: *Obviously hesitant* I said I had no part in this. Help yourself.

Heo: But... *Scowls slightly. Grabs Elrechai's arm* Please...?

Ayeda: *Watering eyes*

Elrechai: *Frowns at himself* Goddammit, I can't win against those eyes. *Gently pulls Ayeda's to him and kisses the top of his head* There, I'm sorry, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Sniffles*

Heo: *Backs away slightly, feeling awkward* Ah, um...me, too. *Promptly excuses himself. Brushes against Kicin as he leaves*

Kicin: *Blinks in evident surprise. Tilts his head slightly, curious* What...?

Ayeda: *Blinks back his tears* Heo...?

Elrechai: *Sighs* Fuuuuck... what'd I do now?

Kicin: *Shakes his head gently* I doubt it was either of you. *Pushes hair behind his ears* So I assume.

Ayeda: *Rubs at his eyes. Glances up at Elrechai* Maybe you should go see what's wrong with Heo. He didn't look so good.

Elrechai: *Ruffles his hair irritatedly* Yeah, here, 'yeda. *Hands over the recorder* I didn't mean what I said about showing it to Dom. I'd rather not have Heo maimed. *Walks past both Ayeda and then Kicin to follow after Heo*

Kicin: *Makes a quiet, almost displeased sound in the back of his throat* This is why no one should bother. *Glances at Ayeda* You're certainly good at teasing.

Heo: *Pressed into a random corner, head resting face down on pulled up knees, arms wrapped around them. Jerks slightly upon hearing footsteps. Tries muffling the emotion in his voice* Please...go away.

Ayeda: *Bursts into tears at Kicin's seemingly heartless comment*

Elrechai: *Slow down when he sees Heo on the ground, accompanied with his words, but continues anyway* ... I'm not going to. You already know I won't. *Sits down beside Heo*

Kicin: *Stares for a moment, slightly confused. Hesitantly reaches out to touch Ayeda* What are you crying for?

Heo: *Presses himself further into the corner as if attempting to put space between him and Elrechai. Tightens his grip around his legs* I...have nothing to say.

Ayeda: *Backs away* Heo wanted to too it doesn't make it all my fault! *Tries to wipe away all his tears and runs to the couch. Curls up and hides underneath the thin blanket used as a cover. Trembles as he sobs*

Elrechai: *Doesn't make any attempt to physically touch Heo even though he wants to. Softly* Then I won't say anything either. Not until you're ready to talk to me, Heo.

Kicin: *Frowns as he realizes his comment was misinterpreted. Follows Ayeda, kneeling. Places a hand on the outline of his body beneath the blanket* Need I tell you again? *A soft sigh* It's not your fault, 'yeda.

Heo: *Shakes his head against his legs, lax against the walls of the corner. Childishly* I still...won't.

Ayeda: *Hiccups* Is H-h-eo mad at me?

Elrechai: *Slumps against the wall. Turns to watch Heo, hand curling into a fist since he's decided that he won't touch Heo unless it's invited. Still doesn't say anything*

Kicin: *Narrows his eyes at the words* He's not angry with you, 'yeda. *A smile* Who could be?

Heo: *Gazes quietly at Elrechai from beneath the fall of bangs and over his arms. Bites his lip as he contemplates speaking. Barely a whisper* I just...needed to go.

Ayeda: *Comes out of the blankets and latches onto Kicin, still crying* You're so n-n-nice to me, Kicin.

Elrechai: *Just as quietly* ... why?

Kicin: *Hesitantly places an arm around Ayeda. Touches his hair* Hush. There's no need to cry, 'yeda.

Heo: *Shakes his head again* Couldn't...stay.

Ayeda: *Nods even as he hiccups again* I-I know...

*The sound of a door opening and closing*

Voice: ... 'yeda?

Elrechai: *Lets his eyes fall away* You can't tell me the reason?

Kicin: Then you should... *Stiffens slightly at the sound of the unknown voice. Pulls away to look questioningly at Ayeda, resisting the urge to wipe at his tears*

Heo: A-Ayeda... *Hiccups softly* He's... *Mumbles something against his knees*

Ayeda: *Looks up with teary eyes at the familiar voice. Mews* Dom...

Adomu: *Standing by the doorway. Unusually still before taking a step forward, eyes questioning* What's happened?

Elrechai: *Quietly* You'll have to speak up a little louder, Heo...

Kicin: *A quick glance between the two and their features. Gives a smooth, reassuring smile* Your brother needed a little confidence boost. Nothing more.

Heo: I... *Unexpectedly leans himself into Elrechai after dropping his arms from around his legs, face pressed into his side. Muffled* Can't...

daiyaonna (8:43:18 PM): [It happens all the time. I just usually don't say anything. -_-]

Adomu: *Coolly* He has all the confidence he'll ever need. *Eyes flicker back to the tears on his brother's face, turn back to Kicin. Coldly* Was it you who made him cry?

Ayeda: *Furiously shakes his head* N-no, he didn't. *Rubs at his eyes ineffectively* I'm just an i-idiot...

Elrechai: I won't know anything if you won't tell me, Heo. What was Ayeda? Tell me... *Takes Heo's hand* ... please?

Kicin:*Unaffected by the chilled tone directed at him* Even so, extras can be beneficial. *Softly to Ayeda* Don't say such things about yourself.

daiyaonna (8:56:48 PM): Heo: *Still muffled* He...reminds me. I don't...want to... *Unintentionally allows his hand to go limp in Elrechai's grasp*

Adomu: *Narrows his eyes dangerously at the 'blithe' response*

Ayeda: *Notices immediately* No, don't, Dom. It's not my Kicin's fault. He's a good friend. *Hugs Kicin in demonstration* See?

Elrechai: *Softens but still asks in a firm tone* Reminds you of what?

Kicin: *Partially watching Adomu despite Ayeda's hugging. Absently pets Ayeda's hair* Let him believe wants he wants, 'yeda. I'm not bothered by it.

Heo: N-no one. *Shakes his head against Elrechai's side. Grips the back of his shirt with his free hand* Doesn't...matter. *Mutters under his breath* He's...dead anyway.

Adomu: *Further annoyed by Kicin's non-chalantly familiar petting though it doesn't show on his face. Stonily* He calls you 'yeda... like he knows you.

Ayeda: *Wipes away his tears. Insists* But he does. *Apologetically to Kicin* But he shouldn't be mean to you when you're only trying to make me feel better. Uuw.

Elrechai: Yes, it does. It does. If it didn't, you wouldn't be like this. *Frustrated sigh* Why can't you just tell me?

Kicin: *An air of nonchalance at both Adomu's and Ayeda's words. Offers a smile* Something so trivial isn't worth getting upset over. *Brushes at a stray tear before gently pushing Ayeda away. To Adomu* I'm Kicin.

Heo: *Tightens his hold on Elrechai's shirt. Quietly* Why is... *Bites back a quiet sob* I don't...know.

Adomu: *Somewhat mockingly though you can never be sure with Dom* A pleasure. You can call me Logan-Matsumura. Not Adomu. Not Dom. *Glances at Ayeda* If you're done playing with your "good" friend, 'yeda...

Ayeda: *Smiles tremblingly at Kicin when he brushes away the wetness on his cheek* No, no, you can call him Adomu~! He's just grumpy that he didn't get to hug me himself. Heh.

Elrechai: *Squeezes Heo's hand* Who or what did Ayeda remind you of? You... ran off too fast for it to have been for nothing.

Kicin: *To no one in particular* I find introductions and names inane. *More specifically to Adomu* But I'll call you how you like. *Softly taps Ayeda's chin affectionately and stands*

Heo: *Opens his mouth to speak but thinks better of it. Presses himself further against Elrechai. An almost inaudible sigh* ...Noha.

Adomu: Or you don't have to say my name at all. *Coolly assesses Ayeda* Why were you two unsupervised? Lorei's supposed to be keeping an eye on you. Is this another one of his fuck-ups?

Ayeda: *Pouts* Elrec has a princess~. I think I made the princess mad so he ranaway. Then Elrechai rushed off after him like a knight! And Kicin pretended to be my knight and stopped me from crying. *Dimples at his tale*

Elrechai: *Says it louder* Noha? Is that a name?

Kicin: *Chuckles softly at Ayeda's story, though not pleased with Adomu's assumption that they shouldn't be alone* Perhaps you should explain it in a less fantastical sense, 'yeda. Your brother appears confused. *Almost mocking but not quite*

Heo: *Shudders with Elrechai's repeat of the word* Y-yes. *Reflexively squeezes Elrechai's fingers* My...my brother's.

Adomu: *Narrows his eyes* Your assumption of what confuses me should remain unsaid when it comes to my brother, stranger. *Back at Ayeda* Get the fuck away from him, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Gets up right away to comply. Almost pleadingly though he's smiling* He... he didn't mean anything by it, Dom~. My Kicin's one of the nicest people I've met since I've been here! Like a doll. *Makes gestures with his hands that don't make any sense*

Elrechai: ... you have a brother? *Doesn't sound as dumbfounded as he feels* I didn't know you had family. I mean, s'not like you mentioned anything about one. *Pauses* Why didn't you say anything about him in the first place?

Kicin: *Rolls his eyes exasperatedly beneath the fall of his hair. Takes a moment to examine Adomu before speaking* And I must inquire as to why you like using such a dire tone when speaking. *A half smirk* I've done nothing to you...or Ayeda.

Heo: *Shudders again, unable to stop himself from choking as he breathes* I...don't. Noha...Noha's not here. *Squeezes Elrechai's hand harder* B-but I'm the one who...shouldn't be. *Shakes his head in an attempt to suppress another shiver*

Adomu: *Suddenly stares at Ayeda like he caught the sight of something undesireable. Walks over and lifts Ayeda's chin to the side. Directs a cold, murderous glare at Kicin* Nothing? You should hide the evidence before you claim nothing's happened.

Ayeda: *Gasps. Eyes widen as a hand flies up to cover the mark Heo accidentally left during... whatever it was they were doing* N-no... Dom--

Elrechai: *Frowns and straightens up* Wha... what do you mean? Not here? Like... not here, or not here anymore?

Kicin: *Clearly unbothered by the accusation. Runs a hand through his hair and gathers it to one side over his shoulder. Light sound of disbelief in the back of his throat* Perhaps you should ask questions before assuming I did such a thing. *Refuses to actual clarify who's to blame, as if protecting Heo*

Heo: *Forces his eyes closed. Shivering.* N-not here...ever. *Sobs lightly at his own words*

Adomu: *Humourless smile* Who said I was assuming you were the one who did it? *Releases Ayeda's chin* You're the only one in this room. Therefore, being the one to deny anything has happened when something obviously has... *Nonchalant head-tilt reminiscent of Ayeda's mannerism* I would naturally turn to the liar to ask questions.

Ayeda: *Eyes glance at the recorder abandoned on the sofa before turning to Kicin with a panicked expression*

Elrechai: *Manages to get an arm free with distrubing Heo much and puts it around Heo's shoulders* ... oh.

Kicin: *Coolly plays with a piece of his hair, moving closer to the couch upon noticing the look in Ayeda's eyes. Gives Adomu a mock bow before sitting with a flourish. Tugs at the blanket as if bothered by it to discard it, which incidentally lands and conceals the recorder. Stretches his arms across the back of the couch. Gives a half smile* And that's why assumptions are a terrible form of deduction. *Tilts his head back to level his gaze at Adomu* Ask anything you'd like.

Heo: *Leans as close as he can manage. Trembling almost convulsively. Shaking whispers* He-he's dead, Elrechai. Because she...she hated me.

Adomu: *Doesn't notice the recorder* I have no intention of wasting time on you, stranger. I'd rather go straight for the throat. *Glances at Ayeda* That's my preferred method of hunting for information.

Ayeda: *Nervously bounces over to Kicin at the questioning look in his brother's eyes* U-um. Why don't we play a game?

Elrechai: *A telling look in his eyes if Heo could see it* I'm sorry, Heo... it... who's this "she" you're talking about?

Kicin: *Finds Ayeda's actions somewhat amusing. Lavishes him with a full smile* What kind of game did you have in mind, 'yeda? *A brief glance back at Adomu* Perhaps your brother would like to play as well.

Heo: *Furiously shakes his head* It-it doesn't...matter. She's...dead, too. *Hiccups softly. Hides his face even more against Elrechai's side*

Adomu: 'yeda--

Ayeda: Dom doesn't like my games. *Grabs Kicin's hands and pulls him up off the couch. Smiles innocently* It's called... RUNAWAY! *Dashes out of the room with Kicin in tow*

Elrechai: ... Heo, I... *Isn't able to think of something to say. Helplessly hugs Heo with his one arm, cheek leaning to rest on top of Heo's head*

Kicin: *Hasn't any idea where they're going but allows Ayeda to pull him along* That wasn't a very intelligent thing to do, 'yeda. *Mutters, almost to himself* Your brother may think I'm corrupting you...

Heo: *Wiggles his fingers free of Elrechai's hand and drapes his arm around across his torso to attempt returning the embrace. As if automatic* It's...today. Or yesterday. *Bites on his lip* Maybe...tomorrow. When-when he...I don't remember.

Ayeda: Are you saying I'm stupid?! *Though there's no heat in his words. Continues half-running along the hallway and detours into a room smelling faintly of cigarette smoke* Quiet! If Dom catches us, we're dead meat! *Pulls Kicin into a cramped closet*

Adomu: [in the other room] ...

Elrechai: And... Ayeda reminded you of... Noha? *Eyes soften sadly* Are they alike?

Kicin: *Is momentarily blinded by the slide of his hair over his face. Manages to push a good deal of it away only to come face-to-face with Ayeda. Suddenly realizes they're pressed relatively close together. A quiet whisper* I never said you were, 'yeda. Just...where are we?

Heo: *A soft hiccup* Only the way he...looked at you. I... *A ragged breath* Can't...

Ayeda: *In all seriousness that it's almost comical* In hell, my Kicin. You shouldn't play word-games with Dom. He'll rip you to shreds. *Aghast expression as he hugs Kicin. Whimpers* If I lose you, I'll be back down to only five good friends again.

Elrechai: I'm sorry, Heo...

Kicin: *Laughs quietly. Against Ayeda's ear as he returns the embrace* I am aware of my limits, dearest 'yeda. Don't worry about such a thing.

Heo: *Limply rests his head against Elrechai* I said it...doesn't matter.

Ayeda: *Makes a kittenish sound at the back of his throat* But you don't know Dom's. He's scary when he's mad. *Nuzzles Kicin* But don't worry, I'll protect you! Dom listens to me sometimes. *As an afterthought* And Heo too! I'll add him to my list. *Mentally tabulates* Wow~. I have a lot of people to protect from Dom. *Giggles quietly*

Elrechai: *Quietly, almost to himself* Maybe it doesn't to you... but it does to me.

Kicin: *Another quiet laugh into Ayeda's ear. Uses the tips of his fingers to brush Ayeda's nape* Dare I ask how many more? *Leans a little closer* You shouldn't blindly offer yourself as a sacrifice, 'yeda. That's willingly getting into trouble.

Heo: *Bites his lip upon hearing the barely-there words. Turns himself fully against Elrechai. Clings to him but says nothing*

Ayeda: *Shivers at the feeling of fingers on his neck* W-why? It'd probably make you jealous if I told you. *Faint sigh* I can't get into trouble if I'm already in trouble, Kicin. *Pushes back Kicin's hair to see his neck too. Impulsively bites on the skin below Kicin's ear, even through some strands of hair. Giggles after a soothing lick*

Elrechai: *Accepts Heo and pulls him close until Heo's practically on his lap. Softly* Is it wrong of me to want to know more about you, Heo?

Kicin: It takes a great deal to make me- *Bites down on the inside of his cheek at the pressure of teeth nipping into his skin. Suppresses a faint shiver* You shouldn't do that, 'yeda. *Instinctively grips strands of Ayeda's hair*

Heo: *Head lowered, unable to lift his head or open his eyes. Meekly* N-no...

Ayeda: Why not? *Breathes against the wet spot his mouth left on Kicin's skin* You didn't like it? *Frowns worriedly and backs away a little* I won't do it again, okay?

Elrechai: I wish I could just know what you think or feel... or something. But I can't. *A small hint of his frustration* Only you can tell me those things. I can't... force you to. Sometimes I just want to make you tell me, because I want to know. And you won't let me get close enough... I... love you. *Pauses and squeezes Heo* So tell me...

Kicin: I never said I didn't like it. *Wraps an arm around Ayeda's waist. Pulls him back towards him. Blindly attempts pressing a kiss to his forehead, though unsure where it lands. Quietly* Something like that isn't normal among average friends, 'yeda.

Heo: *Shivers beneath the pressure of Elrechai's arms. Swallows harshly* I feel...scared. And warm. *A shaky breath* I'm...tired of thinking and-and remembering. That's why I...don't want to...tell you. Sometimes. Sometimes, I just...can't. *Hides his face against Elrechai's chest* I'm not...a strong person...

Ayeda: *Hums when Kicin's kiss lands on his brows, allowing himself to be pulled back. Wraps his arms loosely around Kicin's neck, sighing* I know.... It only happens with special friends, right?

Elrechai: *Closes his eyes and hides his face against Heo's hair. Murmurs* I can't be that strong either... sometimes I don't want to be...

Kicin: *Chuckles against the skin his mouth is still lightly pressed to* If you'd like to give it that name. *A softer whisper* We're not exactly that, 'yeda.

Heo: *Chokes on a muffled sob* I...Elrechai...I'm sorry...

Ayeda: *Frowns thoughtfully* Then what are we, Kicin?

Elrechai: *Tightens his hold around Heo* It doesn't matter, Heo.

Kicin: *Pulls Ayeda just a little closer* I can't be the one to answer that as I don't know.

Heo: *Rubs his face against Elrechai's shirt* B-but I thought... *Coughs lightly and clings almost desperately*

Ayeda: *Bites his lips thoughtfully before shaking his head just slightly* I don't care what we are. I only know I like it when we're together~. Only you and Elrec treat me nice.

Elrechai: *Softly* Thought what?

Kicin: *Places another soft kiss to Ayeda's forehead* I find it difficult to believe someone couldn't treat you nicely, 'yeda.

Heo: *Slightly muffled but still audible* That it...mattered.

Ayeda: *Sort of mumbles* Some people are just mean... *Nuzzles into what he thinks is the safe embrace of Kicin* But none of them bother me anymore when Dom is there.

Elrechai: *Pause* I meant that... strength doesn't matter. I know that you can be the strongest person you can be but... *Almost wistfully* you still bow down to things in the end. I can't hold something as stupid as that against you.

Kicin: *Distantly tightens his hold on Ayeda, almost comforting. Somewhat stiffly* It's reassuring to know your brother cares for you in such a way to make you feel...safe.

Heo: *Pulls back slightly to rub at his eyes. Glances half shyly at Elrechai* Noha, he...was my twin. *Offers a weak smile with the admittance, though it looks as though he might cry at any moment*

Ayeda: *Giggles at Kicin's choice of words* But it's hard to make friends when Dom's around. Sometimes I think he'd rather have me aaaaaall to himself. *Squeezes Kicin* But I like being around other people. It can be really fun~.

Elrechai: *Doesn't look away from Heo's eyes, despite his own surprise at the latest turn of confession. Nods understandingly nonetheless* It must've been hard for you...

Kicin: *Frowning despite the playfulness in Ayeda's words and actions* A brother's possessiveness should only extend so far. *Shakes his head to rid himself of the thought* Certain people can be, yes.

Heo: Wearily smiles, tears sliding freely down his face. Murmurs* And then...there was one.

Ayeda: *Tilts his head up Kicin curiously* You say a lot but you don't say a lot. What's it like inside your brain?

Elrechai: *Gently wipes away Heo's tears with the edge of his sleeve. Softly, almost as if quoting someone* We all survive for a reason, even if the price of survival is sometimes too much for us to bear...

Kicin: *Feels a smile slip onto his mouth. Slightly teasing* I could inquire the same of you, 'yeda.

Heo: I... *Shakes his head and presses his face against Elrechai's neck, as though hiding. Somewhat incoherent* I don't...want to be alone...

Ayeda: *Huffs playfully* Heeeey, no fair. I asked first!

Elrechai: *So softly that it's practically lost in the miles he feels between them* I don't wanna be either...

Kicin: *Gently pokes at Ayeda's ribs, laughing quietly* And how, exactly, am I supposed to answer such a question?

Heo: *Shivers. Presses a kiss against the flesh of Elrechai's throat as he can't bring himself to speak further*

Ayeda: *Pouts* You're supposed to be the smart one! I'm just here as the eye candy~. *Giggles*

Elrechai: *Pets Heo's hair carefully. Gently* You're not alone. Ever. I'm here.

Kicin: *Manages to resist the urge to roll his eyes. Teasing* I'd almost believe that seeing as how you dragged us into a closet, 'yeda. *Prods his ribs again*

Heo: *Nuzzles against Elrechai* I'm...for you, too. Here...

Ayeda: *Half-smile, bending his head coyly* Maybe I'm just here to be your eye candy~. *Purrs* Good job so far?

Elrechai: *Quietly* I know.

Kicin: *Softly cups Ayeda's jaw* If it wasn't quite so dark in here...

Heo: *Rubs at his eyes again* My...face hurts.

Ayeda: *Husky little laugh* Ahhh~. So you're that kind of guy.

Elrechai: *Kisses Heo's forehead. Murmur* That's because you were making weird faces...

Kicin: *Ignores the comment* I'd need better light to see you, 'yeda.

Heo: *A quick turn of his head in disagreement* I'm not...making faces.

Ayeda: Are you saying you want to see me? *Giggles* Then do it as a blind guy does. Feel me through your hands~.

Elrechai: *Faintly teasing* Then why does your face hurt?

Kicin: *Smirks softly* If I wasn't particularly nice, I'd think that was an invitation, 'yeda. *Demonstratively pulls him even closer*

Heo: *Leans back to look at Elrechai. Somewhat shyly* I...because it...does?

Ayeda: *Bites his lower lip* What if I said it was, my Kicin?

Elrechai: *Hint of a smile* It does because you were making weird faces.

Kicin: *Gently* Do you even know what that means, lovely 'yeda?

Heo: *Rubs his eyes once more. Sticks his tongue out* I...was not.

Ayeda: *A delighted smile at being called lovely* Maybe I do. Do you?

Elrechai: *Eyebrows lift in show* That was the weirdest face of all.

Kicin: *Obvious tease with a smile* I asked the question first this time.

Heo: *Semi-confused expression* H-how...?

Ayeda: *Grins* It only works when I use that excuse.

Elrechai: You should try it in front of a mirror. *Pokes Heo's stomach gently*

Kicin: *Leans a little closer, sliding his hand up Ayeda's back* I suppose you should be lucky I'm allowing you to get away with that.

Heo: *Conceals a partial smile. Grabs Elrechai's hand* Should I...do it again?
Ayeda: *Doesn't suppress the shiver that slides down his frame at the touch of Kicin's hand* Mmm... should I feel special?

Elrechai: *Bends his head foreward a little. Smiling* Maybe if you held it out for a little longer, you'd get a nice surprise.

Kicin: *Whispers against Ayeda's ear* Perhaps you should. *Slips his hand to Ayeda's hip and gives a light squeeze*

Heo: *Playing along. Innocently* ...like this? *Sticks his tongue out again*

Ayeda: *Hips twitch just slightly. Plays with Kicin's hair. Fingers the spot where he hit Kicin earlier* Maybe I do then.

Elrechai: *Smiles* Like that. *Leans down and kisses Heo as thoroughly as oxygen will allow*

Kicin: *Makes a pleased sound under his breath. Lifts the hand resting on Ayeda's hip to grasp strands of hair* I'll accept that answer as yes. *Nuzzles Ayeda's earlobe*

Heo: *Clutches at Elrechai's shoulders. Whimpers softly into the contact, body immediately lax within the remaining embrace*

Ayeda: *Tongue darts out briefly against Kicin's jawline. Laughs faintly* You taste warm. Like summer.

Elrechai: *Leans back and smiles softly. Somewhat hesitantly as though he's still not used to the words* I love you. *Laughs at himself* I can't believe I can say that.

Kicin: *Smiles. Unexpectedly bites the earlobe he was nuzzling* And you're like glass. *Huskily* Hot and cold. Delicate.

Heo: *A faint blush* I...like it when you say it. *Presses his cheek to Elrechai's. Quietly* I love you, too...

Ayeda: Mm. *Presses in close as he shudders* I'm n-not delicate.

Elrechai: *Tilts his head against Heo's* S'long as we're clear on that.

Kicin: *Sucks gently at the flesh between his teeth. Blows air across the surface after removing his mouth* You are. Right now.

Heo: *Leans into the touch slightly* Yes, I...wouldn't forget that.
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