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"This Way."
Post Six. 
30th-May-2006 05:25 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo, Kicin, Ayeda
Date: 4.21.06

Ayeda: *Bounces as he finishes putting on his numerous earrings* I'll do it!

Heo: *Peeks through the open door* Is it...safe to come in?

Kicin: *Makes an quiet comment about needing to put "them" down*

Ayeda: *Bounces over to the door and pulls in Heo* Of course it is, Heo! Welcome back! *Hugs and nuzzles*

Elrechai: *Is pounding after the bathroom door*

Heo: *Hesitantly returns the hug. Suddenly brightens* Kic...bought you a present!

Kicin: *Sets several bags on the floor. Pushes hair out of his face but says nothing, almost embarassed at Heo's exclamation*

Ayeda: Really? *Eyes brighten in excitement at the word 'present' and 'Kicin' and the fact that it's in the same sentence* MY KICIN~! *Glomps and nuzzles Kicin too. Hangs from his shoulders since he's short* Welcome back! What'd you get me?

Elrechai: *Gives up on the door and glances at Ayeda's commotion at the door*

Kicin: *Staggers slightly from Ayeda's unexpected "attack" and weight on his shoulders. Instinctively places an arm around his waist to steady himself* It's nothing much. Heo insisted since we were out.

Heo: *Shakes his head* ...not true! I'll...show you! *Races to one of the bags Kicin put down and looks through it*

Ayeda: I bet it's really nice if it's from you, my Kicin.*Blindly kisses whatever skin he can reach in "thank you" before dropping away to follow Heo like an over-eager puppy* Where? Where?

Elrechai: *Plops down face-first on the couch since he has no interest in what's going on*

Kicin: *Oddly blushing at the "thank you" kiss, though unnoticeable due to the cover of his hair. Moves to watch Heo look through the bags* It was more Heo's idea than my own.

Heo: *Notices Elrechai's movement from the corner of his eye and quickly brandishes a box. Looks at Kicin* It's...not polite to lie. Here... *Gives the box to Ayeda before standing and sneaking towards Elrechai*

[The skirt.

Ayeda: *Opens the box in an excited rush. Stares down at the skirt for a moment before making a happy noise. Beams at Kicin* You're so nice to me~. *Drops the box without caring where it lands and holds up the skirt with both hands. A tiny half-smirk* It's cute. Should I try it on for you, my Kicin?

Elrechai: *Mutters something about too much noise and tries to burrow deeper between the couch cushions*

Kicin: *An even darker blush. Pulls at the sleeves of the long shirt he's wearing before tugging at a piece of hair, obviously embarrassed. Tries offering a smile* If you'd like. I wasn't particularly sure what you'd... *Realizes he's rambling. Purses his lips* Perhaps we should go together next time.

Heo: *Straddles Elrechai and presses himself flat. Against his neck, quietly* Hi...

Ayeda: You mean you'd really take me? Promise? *Still staring at the skirt before turning to Kicin. A momentary pause. Head tilts -- intrigued no doubt -- as he catches the faintest bit of colour underneath Kicin's hair. Slides over to him, pushing back Kicin's hair back briefly before dropping away his hand and giggling* Cute~.

Elrechai: *Makes an odd noise before murmuring* Hey, you... had fun?

Kicin: That was the- *Takes a slight step back after Ayeda's displacement of his hair, almost as if in shock. Shakes his head. As calmly as he can manage* I'd rather not argue, but I disagree with that comment.

Heo: *Nuzzles lightly* Mm. I...have a surprise for later.

Ayeda: You're just sooooo composed all the time. *Winks* It's kind of cute to see you flustered. Hee. *Unexpectedly starts unbuckling his belt with one hand* Oh! And look! A new belly button ring! Isn't it cute? *Grins as he stares down at it, flicking it with his fingers before starting on his belt again*

Elrechai: *Contented purr* I like surprises... is it going to be a good surprise?

Kicin: *Purses his lips again as he glances quickly at Ayeda's exposed navel and then away again. Voice lowered* Everything is cute to you, isn't it, 'yeda?

Heo: *A soft kiss to Elrechai's ear* I'd...hope so. *A soft laugh* ...you'll see.

Ayeda: Only certain things~. Like you and Elrechai and puppies and earrings and those little stamps you put on mail, you have to lick those, y'know, but they taste icky for something so cute. *Strips off the dark skirt he'd put over his torn lowrise jeans, incidentally pulling them even lower* What do you find cute, Kicin? *Tosses the black skirt off to the side*

Elrechai: Mmm. *Half-heartedly gropes Heo's thigh* I can't wait to see then, Heo...

Kicin: *Tugs at the edge of his sleeve again as he watched Ayeda peel off the skirt and accidentally slide his jeans lower on his hips. Contemplates for a moment* I've never really given much thought to cute things. *Runs a hand through the lower half of his hair, mussing it slightly* I usually don't dwell on such things very often. *Watches Ayeda from beneath the hair that's fallen over his face once again*

Heo: *Squirms slightly at the touch. Teasing* Should we...make a date of it?

[Heo's skirt.]

Ayeda: Hee, you should start "dwelling on such things." It's no fun if you're serious aaaaaaalll the time. You'll get white hair in your beautiful red. *Fights with his belt the whole while he's talking. Pouts* Why did I have to put on the hard belt?

Elrechai: Mmm, sounds interesting. Where do we meet up? Do you have to sneak out by crawling out of your window?

Kicin: *Ignores Ayeda's comment about being "too serious" and focuses his attention on the belt he's having trouble with. Kneels down in front of Ayeda, fingers working smoothly to fix it. Gently, almost teasing* I'm surprised you can manage most of the time, dearest 'yeda.

Heo: *Gasps as if horrified with the suggestion* And ruin my... *Giggles lightly and nuzzles Elrechai's ear again* No. You...decide.

Ayeda: *Sulky but secretly pleased that Kicin is helping him* I can manage by myself most of the time. It's not my fault some people think they should take care of me. But... it feels nice to be taken care of. Warm. Like sunlight. *Watches Kicin work with a smile*

Elrechai: *Chuckles lazily* Hey, it's your surprise. I'm just the innocent bystander.

Kicin: *Smiles up at Ayeda between curtains of hair* I don't believe it's that they should take care of you. *Plays with the buckle of the belt for a moment. Quietly* You're just difficult to resist with that demeanor of yours...

Heo: *Giggles again. Briefly sticks his tongue out* You're...not innocent.

Ayeda: *Frowns as he tilts his head in genuine confusion* What demeanor?

Elrechai: I am when it comes to other people's surprises. *Laughs, squeezing Heo's thigh*

Kicin: *Gives Ayeda's hip a gentle squeeze as he stands, finished with the belt* It's nothing to worry about.

Heo: *Squirms under the touch* That's not...fair. *Slight pout*

Ayeda: *Startled little laugh as he dances away from Kicin* You can't touch there~! *Rubs his tummy reflexively before taking off his belt and dropping it on the floor. Holds up the skirt again* I wonder how I'll look in it. *Suddenly starts on removing his jeans*

Elrechai: You know I'm never fair, Heo. *Smiles a little*

Kicin: *Blinks in surprise at Ayeda's beginning to strip. Moves directly to him, grabbing his wrist. Serious* You shouldn't do that here, 'yeda.

Heo: *Drops his head to a shoulder* At least you're...comfortable.

Ayeda: *Evident surprise written in his eyes. Tenses at the grip on his wrist but stops nonetheless* ... Kicin?

Elrechai: Hm. *Jokingly* I'd rather have you as a blanket any day, Heo.

Kicin: *Narrows his gaze for a moment before releasing his hold on Ayeda* I'm...you should have a little more respect when it comes this.

Heo: *Wiggles again. A soft laugh* I...make a good blanket?

Ayeda: *Clutches the shirt against his bare stomach as he backs away a little* A-are you m-mad at me?

Elrechai: *Soft, almost sleepy mumble* Probably the best kind. You're just the right size and the right temperature.

Kicin: *Runs an unnoticeably shaking hand through his hair. A soft sigh* No. I'm not angry with you, 'yeda.

Heo: *Lifts a hand to pet Elrechai's hair* I...like that idea. *Suppresses a giggle against the shoulder he's resting his head on*

Ayeda: *Looks down at the ground* I-I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I... I'll go change somewhere else... *Trembles a little before proceeding to walk past Kicin without looking at him*

Elrechai: Heh. You like any idea where you get to lie on me, you perv. *Chuckles*

Kicin: *Frowns slightly at Ayeda's reaction. Turns to grab his arm, pulling him into a somewhat awkward hug* Don't make such a face, 'yeda. I said I wasn't angry.

Heo: *Snickers lightly. Still teasing* But I like it better when...you're the blanket. *Places a soft kiss to the underside of Elrechai's jaw*

Ayeda: *Doesn't quite react to the hug before he pulls away almost immediately. Laughing a little too brightly* Don't worry about me, Kicin! I won't do it again~, okay?

Elrechai: That's because you're a perv. *Closes his eyes*

Kicin: *Isn't quite sure how to react to Ayeda's reaction. Merely drops his head and nods solemnly, as if defeated*

Heo: *Nips at the skin he just kissed* I'm...not a pervert.

Ayeda: Um. Um. *Closes his tightly before suddenly hugging Kicin, muttering an apology, and quickly disappearing into the next room to change*

Elrechai: Mmhm. Yeah, I believe you. *Snickers* It helps when you're practically molesting a sleeping guy.

Heo: *Blows softly across Elrechai's skin. Suddenly sits up, teasing* ...fine. I'll play with... *Blinks at Kicin* Kic, where's...?

Kicin: *Stretches the cuff of his sleeve* He decided to try on what we bought him. *Gives a wavering half smile*

Heo: ..oh. *Grins* I'll...be back! *Slides off Elrechai, grabs a specific bag on the floor, and rushes off to find Ayeda*

Elrechai: *Stretches and sits up. Stifles a yawn before glancing over at Kicin* Oi, you all right there? You're colouring doesn't look so good.

Ayeda: *Presses his forehead against the wall in the other room. Muttering to himself* Stupid... what're you gonna do if you make Kicin hate you? *Blinks back a few tears* Dumb, stupid... idiot. *Furiously rubs his eyes as he turns to stare at the skirt*

Kicin: *Shakes his head slightly as if finally realizing he's not alone in the room. Stares at Elrechai almost nonchalantly, though difficult to tell with the hair concealing his face* Yes, I'm quite well. *An attempt at changing the subject. A light smile* I suppose you haven't any idea as to what Heo's doing now, do you?

Heo: *Sticks his head into the room Ayeda is standing in, blinking curiously* A-Ayeda? Are... *Bites his lip and smiles as though he knows something's wrong* Would you...like to see Elrechai's surprise? *Somewhat shyly* Kic, ah, helped pick it out...

Elrechai: *Shrugs* Of course not. It'd ruin the entire idea of a surprise, wouldn't it? *Looks as though he remembers something* Oh, right. Dom was here yesterday, wasn't he?

Ayeda: *Blinks up in surprise and instantly smiles back at Heo. Somewhat hesitantly* S-sure, Heo.

Kicin: *Half shrugs at Elrechai's question before turning his head just slightly to give him a more critical look. A curt nod* He blamed me for the evidence left by Heo's actions on Ayeda. *Pulls at his hair* At least, I believe so.

Heo: *Bites his lip again* Are you... *Shakes his head slightly and offers the bag* Look...!

Elrechai: *Laughs despite Kicin's formality* That sounds like typical Dom behaviour. I don't think you've gotta worry much. 'yeda will set him right. *Grins a little* But if you're gonna hook up with 'yeda, you'd better watch your back. Dom's not gonna take kindly to someone corrupting his "innocent" little brother.

Ayeda: *Takes the bag and opens it. Mouth instantly falls open for one dumbfounded second before slapping a hand to his mouth to smother his laughter. After a moment* H-heo, this... are you going to wear this for Elrechai?

Kicin: *Shakes his head in disagreement at Elrechai's statement, mouth drawn into a thin line* That's something I'd rather not involve Ayeda in, despite what I'd like. His brother would be the least of my worries if it were to happen. *Pauses for a moment. Gives Elrechai a more steady look* Heo...he doesn't tell you much, does he?

Heo: *Blushes a little at Ayeda's reaction* Well, I...he said something about one. *Rather embarrassed* Do you think it's...okay? I've never really... *Laughs lightly to hide his unease at the statement he refuses to finish*

Elrechai: There looked to be some mutual interest. Well, it's not like it's any of my business anyway. *Rubs the back of his head as he sprawl comfortably on the couch* Heo tells me enough, I guess.

Ayeda: *Pulls out the leather skirt with an amused expression* It's true that Elrec's got a thing for skirts, Heo, but... *Doesn't mention it's the only reason he started wearing them* You really went overkill, didn't you? *Giggles* You're gonna kill Elrec with this skirt.

Kicin: *Murmurs quietly, almost to himself* Mutual interest? *Smiles softly at Elrechai's reply* It's not my place to pry, but I can't help my curiousity. *Cocks his head slightly* When I met him and Lile, he didn't even mention you...at first.

Heo: *Reddens even more* Ah, no, that's not what... *Points at the back of it, grinning almost cheekily* I...like the handcuffs. *Snickers* Maybe we should...together? *After a moment of obvious thinking* Kic wanted to...get something else, but he...was too embarrassed...

Elrechai: *Nods* I'm not surprised. He tends to keep his secrets. S'not like I mention him in passing to anybody either.

Ayeda: *Furrows brows* Wha... *Finally see the handcuffs. Brightens* That's very risque of you, Heo~. *Giggles as he nods* Kay. But... what would embarrass Kicin? *A little wide-eyed* He doesn't seem the type to be embarrassed by anything. *Pauses and taps his lips* Or is that because I can't see his face most of the time?

Kicin: *Fingers the collar of his shirt* I still find it unusual he didn't speak of you, even to Lile. *Gives Elrechai a shrug* But it's not really so important, I suppose. *Grinning* I think you'll enjoy Heo's surprise, though I'll admit it's a little...different. Even for him.

Heo: *Gives Ayeda a small smile* Kic usually...isn't embarrassed. Only about...some things. *Points at the skirt* Like clothes. *Pauses for a moment. Suddenly eager* Do you...like Kic, Ayeda?

Elrechai: *Hums* 'yeda found out when he got here. Dom still doesn't know. *Glances at Kicin with a grin* A fellow conspirator, huh? Well, knowing Heo, it'd probably be something I'm not expecting... so it should be good. *Clearly enjoying the anticipation*
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