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"This Way."
Post Eight. 
30th-May-2006 11:20 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Ayeda, Mars, Kicin
Date: 4.28.06

Ayeda: *Seriously* YESSIR! *Bounds over to Mars and jumps on top of him*

Mars: *Reflexively grabs Ayeda, cynically gazing out of partially opened eyes* Little fucker, wakin' me up.

Ayeda: *Tilts his head in curiosity* Big fucker, not wakin' up earlier.

Mars: You kiss your momma with that mouth? *Snide laugh* G'off.

Ayeda: What's a "momma"? Why would I wanna kiss it? *Obliges and sits on the floor. Curious stare*

Mars: The hell. You serious or somethin'? *Turns his back to Ayeda, disinterested. Feigns sleep*

Ayeda: ... *Frowns and pushes at Mars' back* You're boring, mister!

Mars: And your fuckin' annoying. *Reaches around to grab Ayeda's wrist* Shut it.

Ayeda: *Automatically grabs Mars' wrist and breaks the hold. Rubs his wrist. Pouting* Shut what?

Mars: *Arches an eyebrow.Glances over his shoulder as if sizing Ayeda up* . . . .Whatever. *A slight pause* You want somethin', brat?

Ayeda: OH! *Brightens* I heard you're good at fighting! Are you a boxer?

Mars: Tch. Who wantsta know? *Still disinterested*

Ayeda: I'm a self-taught prizefighter. :D

Mars: Yeah? *Gives Ayeda a once over* Y'look more like scraps to me.

Ayeda: I haven't lost a single fight yet~! *An odd, almost feral grin. Instantly brightens* I wanna know if you can spar!

Mars: *Snerk* Too bad. I'm sleepin'. *Turns back around, lifting a shoulder. Hard tease* Wouldn' wanna break you or anythin', brat.

Ayeda: *Tilts his head* I wasn't askin' ya to, mister! Just wanted to know if you can~!

Mars: *A sharp smirk* Sparrin's for pussies. You one of those, too, brat?

Ayeda: Oh. *Frowns a little* All you gotta say is no. I'm not gonna make you fight me if you're not good enough. *Dismisses Mars. To himself* Wonder if Elrec would spar with me?

Mars: Tch. *Snorts and sits up, mumbling something about 'missing a hammock'. Runs a hand through short blue hair* Who said anythin' 'bout good enough? And who needs sparrin'? Real fightin's better.

Ayeda: *Glances curiously at Mars* Why's it better?

Mars: *Crackles his knuckles against his thigh. Nonchalant* Wouldn' matter if you maimed someone.

Ayeda: You'd be weird if I didn't know my brother's friends. *Shakes his head* I'll fight you if you want.

Mars: *Rubs at his shoulder with the opposite hand* 'll make a date of it later. *Absently* You got anythin' to eat?

Ayeda: *Animately* I can check the kitchen! Whadya wanna eat, mister?

Mars: What's with the 'mister' shit? Name's Mars, and I don' give a fuck what you got. Anythin'll work.

Ayeda: *Hops to his feet and bounces on his heels* MARS. Like the chocolate bar! Easy. *Cheerfully* I'll make you sandwiches! *Bounds off the kitchen*

Mars: *Shakes his head. Pads after Ayeda, thumbing at the waist band of his boxers* You make'm good, brat? Don' wanna die or nothin'.

Ayeda: *Head in the fridge* Heyhey! You're lucky, Mars. We've got lunch meat! And mayo! But the lettace looks kind yucky.

Mars: *Rolls his eyes, moving to the fridge and pushing Ayeda away to snatch the lunch meat* Ne'ermind. I'll fuckin' do it.

Ayeda: *Shrugs and hops on top of the counter. Kicks his legs while watching Mars*

Mars: *Merely opens the lunch meat and sniffs at it before rolling a piece of it up and shoving it in his mouth. Glances at Ayeda* The hell you lookin' at, brat?

Ayeda: *Smiles when Mars sniffs at the lunch meat* I'm lookin' at you. Because you're the only other person in the room~. You mean I shouldn't?

Mars: *Waves a piece of lunch meat in Ayeda's general direction, almost as if he's thinking* Fuck if I care. Just wonderin' why.

Ayeda: You remind me of my friend Zeke. He was always grumpy too! Especially when I stared at him. *Giggles*

Mars: *Opens his mouth to say something but promptly closes it. Aims the lunch meat in hand at Ayeda's head and throws it instead* I don' blame him. It's aggravatin' as shit.

Ayeda: *Catches the lunch meat* Is it? *Nibbles on the lunch meat* I always thought he just didn't like me.

Mars: *Shrugs, picking at his teeth with his index finger* S'not like I know the bastard. *Suddenly stares at Ayeda as if in realization* Who the fuck're you anyway?

Ayeda: *Giggles* I was wondering when you were gonna ask, Mars~. *Waves* I'm Ayeda Logan-Matsumura but you can just call me Ayeda.

Mars: *Gives Ayeda a critical look* I like "brat" better. *Scratches his chin* The hell you here for again?

Ayeda: I get that name a lot. *Kicks his feet* I dunno. I'm waiting for my friend to come get me.

Mars: Tch. *Thumbs at the band of his boxers again, bored* What friend's that?

Ayeda: Um. Just someone. *Ducks his head with a pleased little smile on his face* ANYWAY! *Hops off the counter* Show me your moves~!

Mars: *Rubs the sole of his foot against his leg. Thin mouthed* Why doncha try punchin' me first? Then we'll see.
Ayeda: *Crouches over slightly into a defensive "stance"* You sure, mister?

Mars: *Irritated* Mars, goddammit, and you fuckin' scared? Quit standin' and do it.

Ayeda: *A truly feral grin now, changing his face completely* Nope! *Walks up to Mars nonchalantly. Makes as if to slap him*

Mars: *Frowning. Eyes narrowed slightly but doing nothing to prevent Ayeda from touching him if he chooses to follow through. Now slightly intrigued*

Ayeda: *Slowly brings his hand up to Mars face instead. Flicks out his thumb and index finger on Mars' nose* I challenge you, good sir!

Mars: *Shoves at Ayeda's hand, idly rubbing at his nose. Partial smirk* Sorry. Don' do charity, brat. *Still unable to ignore his interest* Might be willin' if it's good, though.

Ayeda: I'd fight you right here right now but this ain't my kitchen. *Slides past Mars and bounces into the livingroom* But there's lots of room in here, mister~!

Mars: *Crackles his knuckles beneath his chin, cocking his head to the side. Follows Ayeda, rubbing at his arm* 'll fight you if you don' shut it with that mister shit. It's Mars, you fuckin' brat. *Looks around the livingroom. Almost to himself* Tch. Whatever.

Ayeda: *Idly stretching. Losing his shirt in the process* 'as it 'curred to you that... I'm doing it on ..purpose. *One last good stretch* AH!

Mars: *Flexes his rubbed arm, absently stretching the muscles in his neck as he looks at Ayeda* Instigatin' prick. *Slow amused grin* You hit harder'n cement and I might like you.

Ayeda: *Hums. Starts taking off his earrings. Almost teasing but isn't* You last longer than five minutes and I'll like you too?

Mars: *Chuckles harshly, sliding off the rings around his thumb and middle fingers. Drops them on a chair* Time limit, eh? *Rolls his shoulder* Let's just fuckin' do this, brat. I'm bored.

Ayeda: I'm giving a benefit of a doubt, mister~. *Lowers his voice as he drops his earrings on the couch* Most folks don't last longer than two. *A sweet smile* Ready?

Mars: *Taps his fingers to the side of his face almost in unspoken invitation* Fuckin' ready since you jumped on me. *Glaring smirk* How we playin' it?

Ayeda: First one to land three solid hits? *Tilts his head* If you're reeeeeally good, mister, I don't wanna be dead meat.

Mars: *Sarcastic tease* Good thing we ain't playin' for blood then. *Curls a loose fist against his thigh* Alright, brat. Guests first and all that shit.

Ayeda: *Doesn't waste anymore words and goes at Mars' throat with a fist*

Mars: *Licks at his mouth, slamming an open palm against Ayeda's fist. Curls fingers around it, ducking slightly low with a fist of his own aimed at Ayeda's kidney as he pulls forward on the captured hand*

Ayeda: *Twists underneath their locked arms agilely, obviously forcing Mars' fingers to loosen unless he wants to snap his own wrist. Just barely avoids the punch in the process. Quickly drops down on his hands and feet, sweeping a leg underneath Mars to trip him*

Mars: *Purposefully catches his ankle on Ayeda's foot, awkwardly dropping a knee into the floor and pressing a hand flat to level himself with Ayeda and stop himself from faceplanting into a nearby table. Rests most of his weight on the back of his palms and rapidly slides to face Ayeda, tongue jabbing at a bottom lip as he realizes Ayeda isn't going to be a pushover*

Ayeda: *Rolls away to the side, automatically rising to his feet. Keeps himself crouched in a swaying, defensive stance, like a wild animal wanting to pace, keeps his balance on his insteps. A feral smile surfaces briefly before aiming his foot at Kicin's face*

Mars: *Instantaneously ducks his head, flatting himself to the floor even further, lifting an arm to catch Ayeda's foot in the crook of his arm. Tightens it closed, jerking roughly forward ever slightly to throw Ayeda off balance. Pushes his arm up with intended force, shoving away and freeing himself as he rolls smoothly onto his back. Flips upright with agile movement, balancing himself on the balls of his feet before turning and lunging at Ayeda with a bared smirk*

Ayeda: *Almost loses his balance at Mars' tactic but awkwardly manages to keep himself upright. Instantly spreads his legs wide, back to front, raises his arms in "proper" stance-- obviously switching to another fighting style in the blink of an eye. Palms out, fingers straight. Merely dodges without sidestepping and knocks Mars' fist aside as his other comes out and uses Mars' momentum to make solid contact just under his left pectoral with his palm. Grits his teeth at the pain that shoots up his arm from the force of impact and stumbles back. Manages to keep himself upright. Grins wildly* One!

Mars: *Grunts at the pressure against his chest, ignoring the bitter taste in his mouth as he'd obviously bitten his tongue on impact. Forces out a breath, liking the sting of Ayeda's attack but recovers quickly, leaving little room for Ayeda's own recovery as he noticed him slightly off-kilter. Low* Good thing we ain't playin' for blood. *Blows a light mix of blood and saliva at Ayeda's face when close enough without actually meaning to spit, more of a distraction of sorts. Slides an elbow along Ayeda's side as he dances to his back, not actually hitting until completely behind him. A short, sharp tap to the small of his back* Even.

Ayeda: *A sharp breath. Almost like a laugh* What was that? *Doesn't wait for a response, nor does he wipe at his face. Merely stomps his heal on Mars' instep hard, slamming his elbow backward before Mars can even register the pain in his foot. Twists around Mars' side and grabs hold of his arm in the process, twisting it painfully. Grabs Mars' hair and forces it backwards, slamming his knee against the back of Mars' knee to force him to kneel. Keeps his hold on Mars' arms and hair. Absently* Would a faceplant count as a solid hit?

Mars: *Winces at the pain shooting up his arm, biting even deeper into his tongue to the point blood leaks slowly from the corner of his mouth. Tugs his head slightly as if testing the strength of the hold Ayeda has on his hair* We ain't doin' fair, brat. *Jerks the arm twisted behind him up as he turns his head to sink the front of his teeth into whatever of Ayeda's skin he can reach. Ignores the popping of joints and tearing of hair. Allows gravity to pull him down, using Ayeda's momentum forward to drag him and flip him, almost tossing him, freeing his arm after a moment but not without consequence. Realizes he may have dislocated it but merely pushes at it after wiping at his lips. Takes a calculated step back. Grinning fiercely* Com'on.

Ayeda: *Hits the floor on his side but doesn't resist the impact, ignores the dull pain and instantly flips back onto his hands and feet. Innocently stares up at Mars through the fall of his hair* You come and I'll give you a nice present.

Mars: *Tests the space between arm and shoulder before gripping and pushing up to relocate his arm with a soft pop, making no sound. Spits pink saliva at the floor, not particularly caring for the carpet. Rubs a hand through his hair, absently interested in the pieces that fall free before tightening his fingers into a fist* You've got nothin' I want.

Ayeda: *Eyes waver at the sight of blood but keeps his eyes focused on nothing else but Mars. Brings out a fist and uncurls, revealing a clump of Mars' hair, casting it on the carpet in front of him. Nonchalantly* Roots are beginning to show. Might wanna re-dye it soon. And what makes you think it's a present you'd want? *Giggles. Teasingly admonishing* Silly mister.

Mars: *Licks at his top lip with a battered tongue, finally taking notice of the taste and smiling at it. Unconsciously rubs the back of his skull as if feeling the exact place Ayeda ripped hair from* Fuckin' cheeky prick. *Arches his back forward, loosening his spine* Get the hell offta floor and over here.

Ayeda: *Rises to his feet slowly, adopting yet a different fighting stance. Feet spread apart, knees bent, back straight, fists positioned-- classic military combat stance. Obviously means business now, not that Mars would know that. Approaches swiftly without any warning, kicking out with his foot aimed for Mars' knee, although the motion only disguises the chance to step in and right-hook right into Mars' head*

Mars: *Not sure as to whether he sees stars or is laughing as he falls back from Ayeda's hook to the head, feeling his knees buckle. Blinks to try focusing his vision. Incidentally breaks into an amused grin, suddenly losing whatever seriousness he had for a moment* Fuckin' shit. *Presses a hand to his face. A snarky laugh* S'not bad, brat. *Sways drunkenly for a moment, almost mocking a formed fighting style before launching himself back into Ayeda with an unskilled, unplanned tackle to the waist*

Ayeda: *Instantly curls as that's all the time he has to react, instinctively protecting his vital points. Lands hard on his back with a grunt, knocking his head against the floor none too gently. Mars' weight pins his legs to the floor, keeping him from lashing out effectively. Breathlessly* I can do better than that. Usually.

Mars: *A choked laugh as he tries concentrating on Ayeda's face, knowing there aren't three of him. Shifts his weight to increase the awkward pressure of tangled limbs, elbow pressed into the hollow of Ayeda's throat hard enough he can feel the motion when Ayeda swallows but still allowing enough space for proper breathing* 'll be sure notta forget that, yeah. *A breathy, more than amused laugh* You got points in my book, brat.

Ayeda: *Manages to squirm an arm free from under the Mars' nearly immobilizing weight. Wraps around Mars waist and finds the bundles of nerves nearly at the base of Mars' spine. Breathes shallowly* Know what a nerve pinch is? *Presses in hard with his fingertips in demonstration* You won't be able to use your legs if I pinch you here. Then you're easy meat. *Coughs a little*

Mars: *Twitches slightly at the press of Ayeda’s fingers, wrestling his other arm behind his back to grab at the other’s hand. Winces as the pain from the previous dislocation hits him* Wouldn’ think of doin’ that if I were you... *Uses his thumb and forefinger to squeeze Ayeda’s second knuckle*

Kicin: *Walks slowly in, trailing his fingers along the wall with his head down. Blinks up beneath his hair at the strange sounds emanating from the middle of the room. Coughs when he realizes who the tangled bodies are* What are the two of you doing?

Ayeda: *An amused sound that isn't quite a laugh* Dummy, there's no nerve endings there. And I do this-- *Flattens his hand until Mars is gripping nothing but skin* It still wouldn't hurt. *Visibly starts at Kicin's voice. Looks up, face losing whatever competitive edge it had in an instant* Kicin! *Glances back briefly at Mars* We're play fighting! *Sticks his tongue out at Mars*

Mars: *Opens his mouth to make a snide comment before biting down on his tongue at Ayeda’s gesture and Kicin’s familiar voice. Instantly pulls his facial expression into a nuance of calm. Releases Ayeda’s hand, pushing back and accidentally digging his elbow a little deeper into Ayeda’s throat* What the brat said. Play fightin’.

Kicin: *Stares in disbelief* I find that hard to believe as you are bleeding, Nic. *A softer tone. Gaze directed toward Ayeda* What’s really going on, ‘yeda?

Ayeda: *Coughs at the pressure against his throat. Hits Mars in retaliation with a soft fist to the side. Smugly* Three. I win. *Wiggles away from Mars. Glances at Kicin* Nothing's goin' on. We were just sparring. My foot slipped so I hit Mars a little harder than I needed to. *Sheepishly* Oops.

Mars: *Mumbles about ‘insufferable brats’ under his breath before pulling himself in a crouching position. Cracking his knuckles against his jaw. At Kicin* Mars, ya little fuck. *Rubs at his spine, examining the scene*

Kicin: *Pulls a hand through his hair, rubbing at his temple* Perhaps you should learn to stretch the truth just a little better, *Almost exasperatedly* ‘yeda.

Mars: *Eyes both Kicin and Ayeda cynically. Ignores the light throbbing in his arm as he stands* This the friend you’re talkin’ about, brat?

Ayeda: *Scrambles to his feet and bounces over to Kicin, still full of energy despite the fight* Yep, this is my friend. *Proceeds to hang off Kicin's arms* But it's true. My foot did slip when I was stepping in for the hook, my Kicin! Besides *Whispers although he deliberately says it loud enough for Mars to hear* I think this weirdo kind of liked it.

Kicin: *Smiles gently at Ayeda’s whisper* Knowing Nic, he probably did, ‘yeda. *More solemn, lifting a hand to Ayeda’s face to touch his chin* You’re not hurt, are you? *Glances at Mars* Well?

Mars: Fuckin’ hell. I did nothin’. *Raises his hands defensively* I’m the one bleedin’. *Grins at the words. Licks his mouth to prove the point*

Ayeda: Mm... *Nuzzles at Kicin's hand like a puppy* I'm not hurt! He only landed one solid blow and it wasn't even that hard~. *Makes a face* It's kind of hard to tell if he was serious or not cuz he hit me from behind.

Kicin: *Laughs softly at Ayeda’s familiar childish demeanor, gently pinching his nose* One can never really tell with Mars, ‘yeda. *Warily looking at Mars*

Mars: Tch. Never fuckin’ serious enough for anythin’. *Sticks a finger in his mouth and pulls it back out, partially covered in blood* I needta fix this. *Makes a move to exit the room, pausing to stare at Kicin over his shoulder* Hope he doesn’ hear about it.

Kicin: *Stiffly* You needn’t concern yourself with it, Nic. *An affectionate smile at Ayeda* It’s controlled.

Ayeda: *Circles his arms around the other's waist, warmly returns Kicin's smile* What're you guys talkin' about?

Mars: Tch, whatever. *Raises a shoulder* Your fuckin’ funeral. *Waves his hand in a gesture that he’ll return. Disappears through the door and down the hall*

Kicin: *Somewhat stiffly against Ayeda before relaxing* Absolutely nothing, ‘yeda. Nic enjoys speaking nonsense at times. *Pauses for a moment. Concerned* Are you sure you’re not hurt?

Ayeda: The back of my head is kind of sore. *Rubs aforementioned part* But other than that, I'm okay! You don't have to worry about me, my Kicin~. *Smiles*

Kicin: *An unamused smile, eyes dull* I honestly do not understand you, ‘yeda. *Kisses his forehead softly* Why did you wake Mars to begin with?

Ayeda: *Seriously* He was a strange, unidentified creature in my territory! It was my duty to find out who he was and what he wanted. Plus I heard he liked fighting! So I had to. *Bites his lower lip* Was that bad of me?

Kicin: *Gives another shake of his head, hair falling over his eyes* You’d only had to ask, ‘yeda. There wasn’t a need to discover such things first hand. *A quiet sigh. Brushes a thumb over Ayeda’s cheek. Teasing* I suppose it wasn’t too bad of you.

Ayeda: Really? Good! *Obviously enjoying the lightest of touches from the low purr he's emitting* Next time I'll just ask you~. *Nuzzles Kicin's jawline gentle with his forehead* Would that be better?
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