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"This Way."
Post Nine. 
7th-Jun-2006 07:30 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo, Kicin, Ayeda
Date: 04.29.06

Kicin: *Somehow hears them screaming and reappears. Upon noticing them, instantly nosebleeds all over unconscious Heo*

Heo: @____@ *...+covered in blood*

Ayeda: *Notices* Kicin! We should try this foreplay thing tonight!

Elrechai: Not. Foreplay. Goddammit. >.<

Kicin: *Coughs, wiping at his face. Glancing around* Ah, well.......

Heo: *Slowly regains consciousness* Ow. My...head...

Ayeda: When I move my hips only a little bit... *Demonstrates*

Elrechai: *Claws the carpet* Oh fucking gods!

Ayeda: ... that happens! *Dimples*

Kicin: *Smacks his hand over his eyes in disbelief before mustering the courage to grab Ayeda by the hand. Attempts dragging him away* You shouldn't do that.

Heo: *Lightheaded. At the noise, quite loudly* What's...going on?!

Ayeda: *Gasps as he's dragged out of the lewd position*

Elrechai: *Is left on the carpet as a shuddering, panting, pleasurable mess* What... the hell...

Kicin: *Mumbling reprimand as he continues dragging Ayeda away, out the door and down the hall* . . . . .

Heo: *Sits up, glancing around. Vision slightly blurred* Wha....Elrechai??

Ayeda: *Stumbles along behind Kicin*

Elrechai: *Currently trying to will away his unwanted erection. Glances at Heo guiltily* Uh. Hey...

Kicin: *Releases his hold on Ayeda and crosses his arms* . . . . .

Heo: *Crawls somewhat unsteadily to Elrechai* ...are you okay?

Ayeda: *Puts his hands behind his back and finds that his shoes are really interesting*

Elrechai: *Backs away* Fine! *Clears his throat* I'm cool. Heh.

Kicin: *Gives Ayeda a quick look before turning to look the other way, hair hiding his face* . . . . . .

Heo: *Crawls after him, balancing as he reaches a hand out* Are you...sure?

Ayeda: *Sighs softly. Toeing the carpet* You mad?

Elrechai: *Attempts to back away even further* Yeah! I'm totally fine. J-just stay where you are, Heo.

Kicin: *Refuses to look at Ayeda* No...

Heo: *Sits back on his knees. Confused* W-why...?

Ayeda: *Droops* ... you are.

Elrechai: Um. Not easy. *Averts his eyes towards the door*

Kicin: *A half shrug, pretending not to care. Stiff* There's nothing to be angry about.

Heo: *Still confused* ...what?

Ayeda: *Watery eyes* I... I'm sorry.

Elrechai: Erm. I... have to go somewhere. *Gets up somewhat stiffly and limps towards the door*

Kicin: *A quiet sigh. Not sure what to make of the situation now* Don't...

Heo: *Blinks at Elrechai and is suddenly worried at the way he's walking. Scrambles up as steadily as he can manage and follows* ...you're hurt. *Begins looking him over*

Ayeda: *Unsuccessfully holding back tears. Mumbles* We were only playing... s'not like we did anythin' on purpose.

Elrechai: *A little aggravated* I'm not hurt. I'm just... stiff. *Shuts the door on his way out to stall Heo* I'll be back. *Limps away*

Kicin: *Shakes his head, partially in dismay and partially reprimanding himself. Looks at Ayeda, softly* You needn't cry, 'yeda. I know you're not to blame.

Heo: *Stares at the door in disbelief and immediately goes after, wrestling with the door for a moment. Chasing a limping Elrechai* Stiff...? Why? Can I...help make it better?

Ayeda: *Sniffs and rubs at his cheeks* I didn't mean to cry. *Hics* I'm s-sorry.

Elrechai: *Detours into the kitchen and plops down on a chair* Uh. Yeah, make me a sandwich. *Off the top of his head* Er.

Kicin: *Hesitantly reaches out and touches Ayeda's face, brushing at cheekbone with his thumb* You don't have to apologize, either.

Heo: *Bumps into the chair Elrechai sat in. Blinks, tilting his head in curiosity* Um...okay. *Looks around the kitchen, innocently sucking on a finger* What...kind?

Ayeda: *Flinches against the touch* I won't do it again! ... I promise I won't, okay?

Elrechai: *Turns his eyes away from Heo* Anything's fine. As long as there's bread involved.

Kicin: *Feels Ayeda flinch and guiltily drops his hand away* You...I'm sorry. *Unexpectedly pulls Ayeda into a tight embrace*

Heo: *Snickers* ...bread? Well, I'm not...very good at making sandwiches, *Pulls his finger from his mouth* But I...can try.

Ayeda: *Stiffens but instantly melts against Kicin. A little uncertainly* ... Kic?

Elrechai: *Snorts. Amused* You're no good at making a sandwich? How do you manage to feed yourself? Eat the local rats?

Kicin: *Loosens his hold just slightly. Uncertain, voice somewhat strained* What is it?

Heo: *Wiggles slightly where he stands behind Elrechai. Uses a hand free hand to play with Elrechai's hair. Smiling* I...manage okay. Besides, I don't think I could...catch rats with my hands.

Ayeda: *Sniffs. Very quietly* I... like your hugs better than anyone else's.

Elrechai: *Chuckles. Relaxes slightly. Mock-grumpily* Where's my damn sandwich?

Kicin: *Tenderly runs his fingers through Ayeda's hair. Equally quiet* I told you not to cry, 'yeda.

Heo: *Leans close to Elrechai's ear* Help me...make it?

Ayeda: 'm not. *Rubs at his eyes* See?

Elrechai: *Says goodbye to his relaxation. Teasingly* I wanna see what kind of atrocity you'll make first.

Kicin: *Slides a hand up Ayeda's side and tilts his chin back as if to inspect him for tears. Lightly* Yes, I see. *Places a kiss to Ayeda's forehead*

Heo: *Bumps his head gently against Elrechai's. Barely short of whining* You have to...tell me what you want though.
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