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"This Way."
Post Ten. 
25th-Jul-2006 01:40 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Adomu, Ayeda, Kicin
Date: 05.04.06

Ayeda: *Puts on a collar and hands the leash to Kicin* (;

Kicin: *Takes the leash* O__O;

Ayeda: *Pretends to be a puppy and starts enthusiatically licking Kicin's face*

Adomu: n_______n

Kicin: *Turns almost red enough to match his hair and looks around*

Ayeda: Woof! P:

Adomu: *Proceeds to start dragging Ayeda away* T__T

Kicin: >_>

Ayeda: *Jumps on Adomu's back* Arf! XD

Adomu: *To Kic* Stay away from my brother, freak. u__u

Kicin: *Opens his mouth and then promptly closes it* ~___~

Ayeda: Do you know what I am~?

Adomu: A talking puppy. *Glaring at Kicin*

Ayeda: *GLOMP* Right!

Kicin: *Merely watches from beneath his hair and remains quiet*

Ayeda: *Hops off Adomu's back and jumps on Kicin* Are you gonna name your puppy, my Kicin~?

Adomu: . . . . . . .

Kicin: *Staggers slightly under Ayeda's weight* Whatever name you had in mind is fine with me.

Ayeda: My vote goes to Muffin!!

Adomu: *Settles for unhappy glaring*

Kicin: *Teasing* Who names a puppy "Muffin"? That isn't very convincing.

Ayeda: .... Carrot Muffin? *Grin*

Adomu: This is nauseating. -_-

Kicin: *Shakes his head* I do believe you're missing the point, but *Small smile* if you like it, I'll somehow manage. *Glances briefly at Adomu before turning back to Ayeda*

Ayeda: *Sticks his tongue out at Adomu*

Adomu: *Tilts his head almost unnoticeably*

Ayeda: *Eyes narrow*

Kicin: *Looks between the two of them. Quiet*

Ayeda: *Loosens his grip on Kicin. A grumpy but still a cute look* Oh, fine.

Adomu: *Face smoothens* Good.

Kicin: *Turns his attention away from them, obviously confused but not wanting to get involved. Still quiet*

Kicin: *Blinks* I'm sure that's unneccesary. *Shakes his head after a moment. Softly* Perhaps he thinks I have an untrusting face.

Ayeda: *Smiles* I think you have a nice face.

Kicin: *Pulls at the ends of his hair* Sometimes I find it difficult to believe, but if you say so, I shouldn't disagree.

Ayeda: Don't say that. *On his toes. Nuzzles Kicin's face with his own* You have the nicest face I've ever seen.

Kicin: *Hums softly in response to Ayeda's statement, not wanting to dwell further on himself* I'd rather talk about your face, 'yeda. *Pushes back on Ayeda's cheek. Brushes the slope of his nose with a finger, smiling softly*

Ayeda: *Giggles softly* My face ain't as interesting as yours, my Kicin.

Kicin: *Tilts his head in decision to indulge Ayeda* Then how is it interesting? *Slides a thumb over Ayeda's cheekbone*

Ayeda: I like... the way your brow curves. *Traces said part with light fingers* The dip between cheekbone and... *Blushes slightly and ducks his head a little* Heh.

Kicin: *Lifts his hand to grab Ayeda's fingers, tracing the curve of fingernails ever so slightly. Gently* And what?

Ayeda: ... nothin'. *Withdraws a little but smiles up at Kicin genuinely*

Kicin: *Tightens his hold around the fingers he's holding. Returning the smile* Are you afraid to tell me, 'yeda?

Ayeda: I'm not afraid! *Pouts* I just can't explain. Dom's better at poetry than I am.

Kicin: *A quiet chuckle* You needn't speak in prose. Tell me what happens within that mind of yours. *Slips his hand up and brushes at Ayeda's forehead*

Ayeda: *Hides his face against Kicin's hand, mumbling* I like it when you smile or laugh. Your eyes change when you do.

Kicin: *Immediately smiles. Quietly* You make it easier, 'yeda. *Caresses what he can of Ayeda's face without moving his hand*

Ayeda: *Content purr, leaning toward Kicin*

Kicin: *Continues touching Ayeda's face. Softly, almost absently* I think you're more a kitten than a puppy...

Ayeda: *Bites his lip to keep from giggling. Lowly* That good or bad?

Kicin: *Lifts his other hand to tug at a piece of Ayeda's hair. Somewhat teasing* How should I know such a thing?
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