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"This Way."
Post Two. 
30th-May-2006 06:10 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo
Date: Unknown (Circa early April 2006)

Heo: *Sits there*

Elrechai: *Silent*

Heo: *Suddenly uncomfortable. Whispers* ...they left.

Elrechai: Should I care?

Heo: N-no, I... *Warily eyes the bed*

Elrechai: *Evident disdain* Don't talk to me.

Heo: *Swallows* And if I....

Elrechai: I have nothing to say to you anymore. Just shut up.

Heo: But I... *Wraps his arms around his knees* I'm...

Elrechai: *Is silent again*

Heo: *Bites his lips and chokes back what sounds like a sob* ...sorry.

Elrechai: *Coldly* I'm sure you are.

Heo: *Disjointed* I-I am. W-why would... *Pushes his forehead against his knees*

Elrechai: You... *said you needed me but anyone will do as long as they hold you, isn't that right? It doesn't matter if it's me or Zeke or anyone!* *Fists the blanket* I don't have time for wasted apologies.

Heo: *Automatic as he can't think. Muffled* It's not... *Teary* I-I need to because...

Elrechai: ... because you love me? *Snorts* Don't even fucking bother.

Heo: *Shaking his head. U* Because it was...and I needed...but you weren't... *Shaking*

Elrechai: You're pathetic. You're not even worth getting angry over.

Heo: *Suddenly terse but still shaking. Looking up* Then don't. Just...pretend you're not and that will make it better.

Elrechai: *Feels something grow cold inside him. Bunches up the blanket and sits up, looking at his hands before glancing over at Heo. Green eyes look brighter than usual. Softly* Would that make you happy?

Heo: *Aware his chest is suddenly tight and empty. Locks his eyes with Elrechai's, the hint of tears evident. As equally soft but strained* None of... *looks away and closes his eyes* If you're...happy...

Elrechai: *Still unnaturally calm* Would you place my happiness above your own?

Heo: ...yes. *Low and throaty* Anything. Just... *Lowers his head and shakes it*

Elrechai: *His eyes get even brighter but his expression is still blank, unreadable* What would you be willing to do?

Heo: *Unaware of the expression as he has his eyes closed. Unexplainably nervous* What would you...need me to do?

Elrechai: *Doesn't realise that these aren't even his words anymore* Don't ask questions. What would you be willing to lose?

Heo: L-lose? I... *Fists his hands in his hair* Isn't...this enough? Elrechai...

Elrechai: *Doesn't even sound or look like himself anymore.* I don't believe in forgiveness. So tell me, Heo, what would you be willing to lose to stay by my side?

Heo: *Curls himself around his legs, head tucked under his arms at the inquisition* Stop. P-please. Just...I don't have anything but you...

Elrechai: *Faint half-smile* You have freedom. Would you offer me that?

Heo: *Peers at Elrechai with a tear-stained face. Concerned and terrified* ....what's wrong with you?

Elrechai: I'm not good enough for that, am I? *Detached but amused* Am I scaring you? Do you want me to comfort you?

Heo: *Confused and torn* N-no, I...why are you... *Uncharacteristically brash* Tell me what's wrong you.

Elrechai: *Micmicks the last time they were together. Voice cold. Eyes preternaturally vivid and emotionless.* So cheeky today...

Heo: *Completely unsure of what to make of all of this. Wipes at his face, mouth set. Whispers solemnly* I can play along

Elrechai: Who said I was playing a game?

Heo: Aren't you? Shouldn't I be what you want? *Tilts his head up* ...I'm good at it.

Elrechai: *Low* I didn't want you the moment I knew Zeke had you. I just want you to suffer. *Vague smile* Don't mistake it for anything else.

Heo: *Partial frown* Then...what's it matter? Even if I said... *Lowers his head again* I guess it...really doesn't.

Elrechai: Of course it doesn't. What makes you think it ever did? Betrayal either deserves death or punishment. That's Code. That's our law.

Heo: *Wearily crawls toward the bed. Reaches for the hand holding Elrechai's gun and shakily pulls it to his temple* Then do it. I won't...have you hate me for this. *Closes his eyes* Even if that means...

Elrechai: *Caresses Heo's temple with the Standard, looking fairly detached although a hint of cruel amusement lights his eyes. A sign of his 'occupation' seeping through.* You're a coward, Heo. *Drags the barrel of the gun down his cheek, under his chin, down his throat.* Take off your shirt.

Heo: *Shivers at the chill of the weapon pressed against his skin. Abnormally silent as he does not protest and hestitantly works to remove his shirt. Discards it to the side, eyes now open to stare down somewhat submissively. Still quiet*

Elrechai: *Continues moving the barrel downwards, detouring minutely to tease a nipple into hardness and elicit a tiny gasp from his prey before continuing towards the navel. A cruelly gentle, loving whisper.* Do you want to be fucked by my gun?

Heo: *Shudders at the feel of metal against his skin, teeth sinking into his lip to muffle the sounds as best he can while trying to ignore the way his stomach clenches. Hangs his head, almost defeated* Anything you...want.

Elrechai: *Tilts his head in interest* Anything? *Pauses and moves to sit over the side of the bed. Using his foot, gently spreads Heo's closed thighs open.* Anything. *Uses the Standard's barrel to tilt Heo's head up, leaning down slightly until their faces are inches apart.* Use your fingers to fuck yourself. *Bypasses Heo's face to whisper in his ear* Show me the face you made when you came with Zeke still inside you.

Heo: *Closes his eyes at the ghost of breath against his ear and Elrechai's command, hand trembling as fingers automatically reaches for the button of his jeans* I... *Bites his lip and slowly inhales before tilting his head slightly* You know that already. *Reluctantly begins to work on his pants*

Elrechai: It has to be different, otherwise it was. Never. Special. *Turns his head slightly as though aiming for Heo's lips, before withdrawing completely.* Are you suggesting... that you made the same face for him? *Lips curl into a vicious smile.* Lie back on the floor. Spread your legs so I can see.

Heo: *Continues to ignore the queasy feeling in his stomach as he slips from the bed and stands on semi-unsteady legs, the remainder of his clothes falling in an unceremonious pile around his ankles* N-no. It... *carefully slides to the floor and lies there, spread-eagle and partially trembling under the obvious scrutiny* Elrechai...

Elrechai: Good boy. *Mockingly. Carefully takes in Heo's nude form before giving him an expectant look.* Well?

Heo: *Shudders at the derisive compliment and bites his lip as he places a trembling hand on his stomach, obviously humiliated but not wanting to say anything* I... *Unconsciously squeezes his legs together after a moment* I don't...

Elrechai: *Sets the safety back on the Standard before carelessly tossing it aside on the bed, removing his own shirt and discarding it on top of Heo's clothes.* Sit up. I'll show a game. Like you wanted. You like to play games, don't you, Heo?

Heo: *Scrambles into a sitting position, though attempts to make it appear intentional and somewhat graceful. Wraps his arms around himself as if fighting off a cold chill. Says nothing but lowers his head a little and averts his gaze, unable to look at Elrechai*

Elrechai: *His body is ravaged with bruises and cuts that look like they're from weapons. Traces a mark that looks like a rope burn across his torso. Softly.* Master punishes me when I disobey. Do you know how long it took him to break me this time?

Heo: *Finally braves a glance at Elrechai and chokes silently on the breath in his throat at the sight, eyes burning with the rapid rise of tears. Draws his legs up and curls around himself again, oblivious of his naked state* You...why?

Elrechai: *Pauses before finding an older mark with his finger* It took him six days to break me this time. Before... it was within the minute I saw him. *lower* I wouldn't bend to his will... *Stares Heo in the eyes, green eyes practically glowing now* Don't you see? This *indicates his battered body* was for you. But now it means nothing.

Heo: *Stiffens at the words and gazes carefully back at Elrechai before moving towards him and gripping at his leg, still uncaring of his naked state* No. Don't-don't say that. *Trembling as he presses his face against marred skin, seeming to anticipate being shoved away*

Elrechai: *Becomes rigid from borderline disgust and hurt--not his wounds but something deeper* I told him everything about you. He told me you're not worth the time and agony I spent defying him. *Uncomplete, breathy laugh. Draws in a shaky breath* And I actually defended you, thinking you weren't what he said you were. In the end, I was the fool.

Heo: *Conscious of the tension against him but proceeds to stay as is, mouth pressed to Elrechai's skin. Softly shakes his head, unable to stop the previous tears from falling and dampening his cheeks. Muffled * I...why can't you understand? It wasn't... *Tightens his hands in the material of Elrechai's pants* Elrechai.

Elrechai: *Winces slightly in pain but welcomes it nonetheless. Stares down at Heo, eyes wavering from cruelty and ache* I don't have to understand. I misunderstood the situation from the beginning. *Gently pets Heo's hair* You're fine as long as it's anyone. It doesn't matter if it's me. All you want... is to belong to someone. *Fists Heo's dark hair and roughly pulls downwards until he can see Heo's face* Isn't that right?

Heo: *Chokes on the gathered saliva in his throat and allows Elrechai to tug his head back. Stares agonizingly into a gaze he hadn't actually intensely examined and shivers. Doesn't attempt to shake his head for lack of movement provided by Elrechai's fingers fisted in his hair. Soft and truthful* No. That's never how it was.

Elrechai: *A brief flash of anguish before it's quickly swept away by another blank, unfamiliar look.* I wish I could be Kenone right now. He would know what to do with you. Maybe I should take you to him... maybe he'll let me watch... *Slight trembling*

Heo: *Heavily moves his hand to rest against Elrechai's waist, almost as if in comfort to the tremble flowing through him. Opens his mouth before closing it, unsure of what to say. Breathes through his teeth* Would that...make this okay? Being him? Hurting me because... *Lifts his other hand to rest atop the one Elrechai has in his hair* What's...it going to do except hurt more?

Elrechai: *Grits his teeth* I find it annoying... that I can never hurt you... the way you hurt me. *Unconsciously tightens his grip in Heo's hair* I loved you. I still do. I could say it without feeling guilty about him. I felt like... I could tell you about him... *A faint sheen of angry tears* You fucking traitor. *Voice cracks*

Heo: *Grips Elrechai's hand as it tugs at his hair, eyes burning as another wave of guilt and empty aching washes over him* You don't...think I hurt, too? That I...feeling nothing? *Bites his lip and brushes the thumb resting against his waist over skin just once but can says nothing else, vision blurring with tears*

Elrechai: *Mouth twists in attempt to keep from weeping* You were... supposed to be mine... Heo...

Heo: *Begins to openly sob* I-I am. I...am. *Tries continuing but is too choked for coherency*

Elrechai: *Pushes Heo away from him, covering his face with his hands as his body is overwhelmed with shuddering. Voice a faint whisper* Get out... GET OUT!

Heo: *Lands hard on the floor as it was unexpected but moves back to Elrechai and forces his arms around him, still crying but solidly determined* No. I won't.

Elrechai: *Just stops. Lowers his hands to reveal tear-stained eyes and a defeated look, eye colour visibly ebbing back to its normal shade of lime green* I don't wanna do this anymore...

Heo: *Bites his lip and shakily presses a hand to Elrechai's face* I... *Unsure of what to say so meekly whispers his name and is silent*

Elrechai: *Faint laugh that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Stares at Heo like it's the first time he's ever really seen him.* You broke me in a way that Kenone never could. *Lowers his eyes, turning inwards* How pathetic, is that?

Heo: *Internally shrivels at the words but merely wipes tenderly at Elrechai's cheek and breathes shakily through dry lips tasting of his tears* That isn't... *Arms visibly trembling around him* ...never.

Elrechai: *Murmur* Do you think you're being kind? Hn. You're crueller than he is.

Heo: *Blinking at his tears* But I'm not...him. Doesn't that... *Bites his lip and presses his forehead to Elrechai's shoulder*

: Elrechai: *Mutters* It would be easier just to die.

Heo: *Whispers quietly against him* Don't say that like...no one would care.

Elrechai: *Gets up without caring if he jars Heo, steps over him to move towards the window. Crouches over his duffle before fishing something out and tossing it towards Heo, skids across the floor to him* That was for you. Not that it means much now but maybe you'll find someone who you'll want to give it to one day. *Continues digging in his bag*

sol auctioneer: (Aka ear piercer. As you know, giving someone a pair of earrings means a lot in the Rise. >.>)

sol auctioneer: (... but doing the actual piercing means a whole lot more. Erm.)

Heo: *Stares at it for a moment, teething his lip in thought before reaching for his pants and slipping into them after staring, not bothering to fasten them. Slowly picks it up and eases something out of pocket. Moves to Elrechai and sits on his knees, presenting them almost nervously. Barely a whisper* ...you. *Closes his eyes and tries to breathe* No one else.

Elrechai: *Straps on his thigh holster -sans a gun- before looking up, not surprised, but not as though he'd been expecting it either. Stares at the piercing gun and earrings, a slight hint of recognition at the sight of them. Turns away slightly* I can't... please don't ask me to.

Heo: *Shaking so badly he drops the piercer and earrings, though it almost seems as if he half tossed them. Threws himself at Elrechai and grips him tightly, literally exhausted* Don't do this. Don't. *Ignores the tears stinging his eyes* I need you. I want you. I love you. *Exposed and weak* ....dammit.

Elrechai: *Places a hand over Heo's, hesitant* Don't be stupid. I'm not doing anything. *Sounds a little more like himself.* ... and I know. *Averts his eyes* I was trying to convince myself otherwise because... it would have been easier to accept that way. I...

Heo: *tightens his hold on Elrechai and presses his face against him, shoulders shaking from nerves and sobbing* Elrechai... *Unable to find the proper words anymore* I...

Elrechai: *Pauses before gently prying Heo's hands enough so he can turn towards the embrace* I'm going now... *Lowers his eyes* I have to find Zeke.

Heo: *Leans heavily into him, still shivering. Low* I want to...go with you.

Elrechai: *Welcomes the weight, finding it comforting. Strokes Heo's hair a little, hoping it's comforting in return* If you want.... I might have to call in my crew. Zeke will be hard to find.

Heo: *Sighs softly at the brush of fingers soothing previously abused locks. Rests his face against his chest* I do, but...I don't want to cause... *Muffles the rest of the words against him*

Elrechai: Then you can come. *An apologetic kiss though he knows it's a pathetic attempt at one* We'll have to leave now though. I only have a couple of hours before I meet up with Dom.

Heo: *Relishes the kiss despite everything and carefully returns it. Somewhat hesitant* A-alright...

Elrechai: Gather what you need. I'll suit you up in my gear for now. *Starts to mentally assess how to divide his protective gear*

Heo: *Shakes his head as he has no idea what he needs to bring* I...what should I take?

Elrechai: A change of clothes.... *tries to think of Civilian things* Just anything you think is important but keep it light enough to carry.

Heo: *nods carefully* Elrechai, I... *wraps his arms around him and hugs him tightly. slowly begins to draw away*
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