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"This Way."
Post Three. 
30th-May-2006 08:10 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo, Kicin, Ayeda
Date: 4.16.06

Elrechai: *Opens the door into the room. Has an Asian-looking man hanging off his shoulder, happily mumbling into the collar of his shirt* Shit, 'yeda.

Elrechai: *Drags the intoxicated man across the room* 'yeda, c'mon. You feeling better?

Ayeda: *Puts his arms around Elrechai* Much. This your place?

Elrechai: *Lifts the smaller man up into his arms and tries to move him closer to the bed* It's not. We're just going to crash for the night, okay?

Ayeda: *Nuzzles and laughs a little at being lifted* On the same bed, right?

Heo: *Suddenly comes into the room, giggling and just a little unsteady* I think...it's in here. *Yet to notice Elrechai or Ayeda as he's searching for something*

Elrechai: No, not on the same bed. *Ignores the nuzzling and freezes when he hears Heo's voice behind him*

Ayeda: *Looks over Elrechai's shoulder* Who's that?

Heo: *Tossing things out of a drawer. Mostly to himself* No, that's not... *Wavers a little and bumps into the dresser. Blinks up at the voice and stares. Too cheerful* Hi!

Ayeda: *Smiles back brightly, hands clasped comfortably around Elrechai's shoulders* Yo. *To Elrechai* A friend?

Elrechai: *Uncomfortably* 'yeda, mind letting go of me?

Ayeda: *Seductive smile* But I don't want to.

Heo: *Smiling as he stands and waves* Elrechai! *Looks at the way Ayeda is holding Elrechai and tilts his head to the side* Are you...having a party?

Ayeda: *Bounces in place since Elrechai set him back down* We're about to have one. But it's a two person kind of party. Sorry. *Doesn't look it at all*

Elrechai: *Manages to turn halfway towards Heo* He's drunk. Don't worry about it.

Heo: *Pouts and crosses his arms* But I wanted to-

Man: *Reddish hair falls over his face as he looks into the room. Quietly* Heo? Did you find it yet?

Ayeda: Ooooo, you have company too. *An easy-going smile* Go play with your friend while I play with mine. *Nuzzles Elrechai's chest*

Elrechai: *Glances at the man with some surprise but turns back to his friend* 'yeda, if you don't behave, I'm making you sleep out in your car.

Ayeda: *Frown* That's not nice.

Heo: *Grins widely* Kic!! *Moves over to him and pulls at his hand* ...meet Elrechai! I...told you about him, 'member?

Kicin: *Looks at Elrechai and Aydea. Tries protesting* Heo, I don't think that's... *Is reluctantly pulled along*

Elrechai: *Nods at 'Kic' in greeting*

Ayeda: *Furrows his brows* What the fuck kind of name is Kic?

Elrechai: *Bops him on the head* Behave, brat.

Ayeda: Ow. *Fakes a sob against Elrechai's chest* I'm telling Dom you hit me!

Heo: *Totally oblivious to Ayeda. Points almost proudly* S'Elrechai! *Undoubtedly cheerful* ...say hi!

Kicin: *Carefully observing the scene. Returns the nod* Um, hello. *Frowns at Ayeda* Heo....

Heo: *Pouts again* ...say hello properly. *Pushes him forward. Giggles* Kiss and...make friends!

Elrechai: *Raises an eyebrow questioningly at Heo*

Ayeda: Is that your custom here? *Looks intrigued. Glances at Kic, smiles and grabs hold of his shirt, bringing his head down* Can we be friends? *Kisses uncermoniously*

Elrechai: *Sighs* Dear gods, 'yeda.

Ayeda: *Pushes Kic back and grins* We're friends!

Heo: *Giggles at Elrechai. Pushes himself onto the bed. Mumbling* ...should make friends. *Nuzzles his cheek*

Kicin: *Blushes at the kiss. Fingers his lips* No, that's not exactly... *Looks at Heo, trying to ignore Ayeda. Semi-whining* Heo, can we go?

Heo: But...I don't want to. *Pouts again*

Ayeda: *Looks hurt* You mean we can't be friends? *Sobs against Elrechai's chest again* He's MEAN!

Elrechai: *Sighs yet again and pats Ayeda's on the back* Easy there, it's not like you're going to remember him in the morning.

Ayeda: *Continues sobbing*

Heo: *Frowns at Elrechai. Sympathetic look at Ayeda* You...hurt his feelings! *Crawls to Ayeda* Are you...okay?

Kicin: Heo, I don't think that's... *Nervous*

Heo: *Pokes gently at Ayeda*

Ayeda: *Tearful glare at Kicin*

Elrechai: *Catches Heo's hand before he can poke at Ayeda and gently shakes his head. Softly* You're drunk?

Kicin: *Nervously glances at Ayeda and takes a step back*

Heo: *Giggles and shakes his head* Nope. *Immediately falls over from shaking his head too quickly*

Ayeda: *Rests his head against Elrechai's chest. Softly* Can I kill him?

Elrechai: *Turns back to Ayeda* What? No! Dom told you the rules, didn't he?

Ayeda: *Pouts slightly* But...

Elrechai: *Glances back at Heo. Mutters* Oh gods no...

Kicin: *Hesitance gives way to a somewhat darker glare at the mention of killing him but loses the expression when he glances at Heo* Heo...

Heo: *Rubbing his head* That...hurt.

Ayeda: *Drunkenly removes himself from Elrechai's arms and stomps towards Kicin before losing his angry look* Heeeeey~ *Attaches himself to Kicin. Friendly* You have the nicest colour for hair! Is it natural?

Elrechai: *Crouches down and pulls up Heo into a sitting position. A rueful but amused smile* Does it need a kiss?

Kicin: *Blushes and shrugs slightly at Ayeda's hold* Yeah, um, it is. *Glancing around*

Heo: *Frowning up at Elrechai, seemingly on the verge of tears* I-I don't know...

Ayeda: *Plays with Kicin's hair delightedly* It's so red but *A slight downturn at the corners of his mouth* it's hiding your eyes. It makes it harder for me to read you.

Elrechai: *Expressions softens just slightly* I'll kiss you anyway. *Presses a kiss against Heo's forehead*

Kicin: *Tries pushing at Ayeda's hands* I like it better that way.

Heo: *Clings to Elrechai's shoulders. Pouting* I want...another one! *Indicates his mouth*

Ayeda: *Grabs hold of Kicin's hand and tugs* You'd be hot if I could see your eyes. Seriously. *Half-whine* Show me~

Elrechai: *Smiles as he wraps his arms around Heo. A brief peck on his lips* There, you're better.

Kicin: *Brushes briefly at his hair to level a dark blue gaze at Ayeda before shaking his head. Tries pushing him away again*

Heo: *Slumps against Elrechai and nuzzles him* I...want to sleep. *Wiggles slightly*

Ayeda: *Pouts* I was right but I know when my attenions aren't wanted. *Tearfully stumbles back to Elrechai and collapses on his back* Kic doesn't wanna be my friend, El. *Hiccups pitifully*

Elrechai: I'll take you to-- *starts when Ayeda suddenly presses himself against his back*

Kicin: *Shakes his head again and walks closer to the bed. Grabs Heo's wrist, tugging* Can we go now, Heo? *Gives him a pleading look when Heo glances at him*

Heo: *Laughs and leans into Elrechai* ....take me where? *Completely oblivious to Ayeda*

Ayeda: *Mumbles* I want Dom...

Elrechai: I was about to take you to bed but... *Glances at Kicin and then at Ayeda* the odds are against that plan tonight.

Ayeda: *Looks up and sniffs tearfully* Kicin... do you hate me?

Heo: *Finally acknowledges Kicin and shakes his wrist free* G'way. Elrechai has...plans. Play with Lile or... *Points at Ayeda* Him. *Pushes himself against Elrechai and squirms*

Kicin: *Looks somewhat forlornly at Heo. Sighs and glances at Ayeda* I don't really have a reason to hate you.

Ayeda: I knew it. You hate me. *Nudges Elrechai* I wanna go home.

Elrechai: *Sighs at the distraction and reaches over his shoulder to rub Ayeda's blond head* Later, when it's morning.

Ayeda: *Sniffles*

Heo: *Whines quietly in the back of his throat* Elrechai. My...head hurts again.
daiyaonna: Kicin:*Shakes his head and moves just a little closer to Ayeda. Sofftly. Almost as if he's speaking to a child* I don't hate you.

Heo: *Glances over Elrechai's shoulder* Kic. Be...nice! *Frowns slightly*

Ayeda: *Distrusting. Frowns unhappily* Liar.

Elrechai: *Feels somewhat alarmed at Heo's expression and choice of words. Automatically reassesses Kicin, as though he'd become a threat*

Kicin: *Sighs quietly. Reaches forward and brushes a thumb carefully across Ayeda's cheekbone. Still as though speaking to a child* I'm not lying.

Heo: *Rubbing at his head. Chastizing* Kic!

Ayeda: *Tightens his hold around Elrechai's shoulders at the touch. Stiffens* D-don't touch me, you... you meanie.

Elrechai: *Slowly starts to frown*

Kicin: *Ignorning Heo. Drops his hand. Still in the same previous tone* How am I mean?

Heo: *Almost glaring* Kic...no! Don't. *Tightens his fingers in Elrechai's shirt*

Ayeda: *Starts crying again for some unknown reason* You just are! I-I tried to be your friend so leave me alone.

Elrechai: *Feels distinctly unsettled. Frown begins to melt into a blank expression*

Kicin: *Softly* You were following someone else's rules at making friends. *Runs a hand through his hair. Gazes at Ayeda with seemingly concerned blue eyes* I'll be your friend...

Heo: *Hides his face against Elrechai's neck and trembles. Muffled* ....please stop.

Ayeda: *Uncertain. Blinks back his tears* What kind of friend? Th-the good kind?

Elrechai: *Decides to let it play out. If Ayeda's threatened in any way...*

Kicin: *In an even gentler tone* Whatever friend you'd like. *Brushes at a lock of red hair and smiles thoughtfully*

Heo: *Whimpers and tries to move as close to Elrechai as possible*

Ayeda: *Nods hesitantly* O-okay...

Elrechai: *Holds on to Heo but keeps his attention centred on Ayeda and Kic*

Kicin: *Holds out his hand to Ayeda, though not touching* Okay? *Twines a piece of hair around his finger*

Heo: *Tries to bury himself into Elrechai*

Ayeda: *Hesitantly reaches up and catches Kicin's hand* I... okay. We can be friends. *Isn't quite clutching Elrechai anymore*

Elrechai: *A subtle shift of colour in his eyes though he says nothing, merely tries to comfort Heo by gently brushing his hair*

Kicin: *Moves slowly so as not to frighten Ayeda and clutches at his hand. Massages the fingers gently* I'll be a good friend to you, 'yeda. *Picked up the name from Elrechai*

Heo: *Sniffles and rubs back slightly against the petting of his hair. Still clinging tightly*

Ayeda: *Lightens up at the familiar pet name. Lets go of Elrechai completely. Smiles* I'll be a good one too.

Elrechai: *Lowly* 'yeda...

Kicin: *Returns the smile with one of his own. Pushes his hair further from his face* Do you know I like good friends, 'yeda? It's important to have good friends.

Heo: *Choked* Elrechai...I-I'm... *Shivers and grips even tighter*

Ayeda: I have five! *Holds up his hand in demonstration* Dom, Zekey, Val, Sintu, and Elrechai!

Elrechai: *Turns back to Heo. Concerned* Are you cold? *Rubs Heo's arms*

Kicin: *Laughs softly* Five? *Frowns ever so slightly* I'm not a good friend to you? *Continues to stroke the fingers he's holding*

Heo: I-I want...no. *Breathes against Elrechai's neck* I-I'm...scared.

Ayeda: *Bites his lower lip. Stares at their hands before lifting his eyes to look at Kicin* I... can have six good friends but... Dom doesn't like it when I...

Elrechai: *Eyes flare ever so slightly. Tersely* ... why?

Kicin: *Pulls Ayeda's hand just a little closer and examines his fingers. Quietly* Who's Dom, 'yeda?

Heo: Kic is-is...*Shakes his head and quivers*

Ayeda: *Shivers just a little. Proudly* He's my older brother.

Elrechai: *Frowns* What?

Kicin: *Pretends not to notice the shiver and continues caressing Ayeda's fingers. Titls his head so that a few strands of hair fall over his forehead and brus his collarbone* An older brother? What's he like, 'yeda?

Heo: *Shivers almost convulsively upon hearing Kicin's words* I...don't want to be here.

Ayeda: *Chews on his lower lip and ignores the stub jabbing his upper lip* He... he's like the rain! Washes you completely clean. *Smiles playfully*

Elrechai: I'll take you to bed then. *To Ayeda* 'yeda, stay here. If Dom finds out that I let you out of my sight for even one second--

Ayeda: *Bounces* Don't worry! I won't let you get in trouble with Dom. Besides, Kic will keep me company!

Kicin: *Eyes Ayeda steadily, catching his gaze. Watches him bite his lip and returns the playful smile* Completely clean, 'yeda? How so?

Heo: *Grabs Elrechai's arm and tries to form a coherent sentence in protest. Merely shivers instead and lowers his head*

Kicin: *Nods softly at Ayeda's comment* I'd be glad to keep you company.

Elrechai: *Nods curtly and picks up Heo. Carries him towards the bedroom and disappears*

Ayeda: *Smiles at Kicin's nod. Tilts his head in thought at his previous question* Dom's... pure. That's why he's like the rain.

Kicin: *Shakes his head, hair falling around his face. Somewhat smirking* Are you like the rain, 'yeda?

Heo: *Arms loosely around Elrechai's neck* You shouldn't... *Closes his eyes and shivers again*

Ayeda: *Blinks for a moment. Then slowly shakes his head. Softly* Dom says I'm like the wind.

Elrechai: Shouldn't what? *Walks into the bedroom and kicks it closed* What's wrong?

Kicin: Should I guess or...will you tell your friend why? *Curls his fingers a little tighter around Ayeda's hand*

Heo: Kic is...okay, but-but not like... *Squeezes his arms and clings desperately*

Ayeda: *Cobalt eyes flicker to Kicin's fingers then back to Kicin's eyes* He s-says I can sooth and cut at the same time. Like wind.

Elrechai: *Growls but gently sets Heo down on the bed regardless. Pulls blankets on him* He's okay? You sure? Because I was getting a weird feeling from him... It wasn't threatening but it felt like it...

Kicin: *Observes the movement of Ayeda's eyes but does nothing. Merely continues the motion of his fingers over the other's* What would you say I'm like, 'yeda?

Heo: *Clutches at the blankets over him but refuses to release a hold on one of Elrechai's hands* He's...okay, but not when... *Bites his lip* I know...

Ayeda: *Bites his lower lip again. A habit when he's thinking. Reaches out with his free hand and hesitantly brushes back Kicin's hair. Quietly* ... candlelight.

Elrechai: *Pauses* Not when what?

Kicin: *Cants his head into the barest touch of Ayeda's fingers against his skin. Murmurs* Fire burns, 'yeda. *Even softer* Did you know that?

Heo: *Clearly terrified* When he's...like Kiz. *Hides beneath the blankets, bringing Elrechai's hand with him. Shaking*

Ayeda: *Quietly nods. Slowly retracts his hand from Kicin's hair* It's like your hair... burns into my eyes.

Elrechai: *A look of utter confusion* What? Who the hell is Kiz?

Kicin: *Whispers soothingly* Perhaps you shouldn't look. *Gently suggesting* Close them?

Heo: *Voice filled with fear and tears. Barely audible* His-his brother... *Squeezes Elrechai's fingers unbelievably tight*

Ayeda: *Uncertain but entirely too trusting. Closes his eyes and smiles* I can't see anything!

Elrechai: *A look textured with concern and foreboding. Gently* Heo, you have to tell me who Kiz is. I don't understand. Okay?

Kicin: *Leans close. Mumbles heatedly into Adeya's ear* It's what happens when you do that. *Briefly touches a hand to Adeya's forearm*

Heo: *Clutches even tighter to Elrechai's hand. Furiously shakes his head* I...can't. I...not with Kicin here...

Ayeda: *Laughs softly at the breath tickling his ear, shying back from it slightly* What're you doing?

Elrechai: Heo. *Strokes Heo's face soothingly* Then just answer this... when Kicin is like Kiz... is he a threat?

Kicin: *Smiles and tilts his head to the side almost innocently* Absolutely nothing, 'yeda. *Allows a low laugh of his own* Did you think I was?

Heo: *Turns his mouth into the touch* I-I don't remember. I'm just...scared. *Shivers to prove his point*

Ayeda: *A disappointed pout* You weren't?

Elrechai: *Frowns* That's just an excuse. *Tilts Heo's head to face him* Heo, you have to tell me what's going on.

Kicin: *Another low chuckle. Suddenly soft, almost seducitve* Did you want me to, 'yeda?

Heo: *Almost flinches when his face is turned* I...Elrechai...can't...

Ayeda: *Coyly biting his lower lip* Maybe.

Elrechai: *Softly* Shouldn't it be... that you won't?

Kicin: *Tucks some of his hair behind an ear* 'yeda, you're cute when you do that.

Heo: *Tears sliding freely. Breathy and strained* Sometimes...he hurts.

Ayeda: *Leans towards Kicin. Not enough to touch but close enough to detect body heat. Eyes still closed* When I do what?

Elrechai: *Wipes away the tears* Who hurts?

Kicin: *Lifts a hand and cups Ayeda's jaw between thumb and forefinger. Partially drawn out* Bite your lip.

Heo: *Shaking excessively* ...not allowed to tell anymore... *Sobs

Ayeda: *Purses his lips in consideration, automatically biting his lower lip without a second thought*

Elrechai: Don't cry. *Leans down and presses his cheek against dark hair* Shhh... I won't force you to say anymore.

Kicin: *Smirks selfishly and tilts his face so his breath fans Ayeda's mouth* Yes. Like that, 'yeda.

Heo: *A choked cry* E-Elrechai, I'm... *Presses his face into Elrechai's neck. A hitched breath but nothing else*

Ayeda: *Unable to suppress a shiver at the breath that ghosts across his lips. Tongue drawing out to lick the stud underneath the right side of his mouth, a nervous habit*

Elrechai: *Is torn between comforting Heo and getting Ayeda away from Kichin. Ends up choosing Heo over Ayeda nonetheless* It's okay. Ayeda may be childlike but he can handle himself. *Kisses the dark head* It's fine, Heo...

Kicin: *Lightly walks his fingers up Ayeda's arm and swirls a shapeless pattern across the skin. Lips a breath-width apart as he exhales* Nervous, 'yeda? Of me?

Heo: *Gouges a hand into Elrechai's hip* I...don't want... *Chokes on his words* B-but your friend... *Sobs lightly*

Ayeda: *Slowly opens his eyes but doesn't lift them to met Kicin's eyes. Tilts his head in a deliberately coy manner. At odds with his words* I take what I want if it's not given to me.

Elrechai: 'yeda's no lightweight. Don't worry about him. *Leans back and presses his forehead against Heo's* I'm more worried about you.

Kicin: *Pretends taken aback at the words. A light gasp* You'd force something from me, 'yeda? *Face hidden behind a veil of red hair*

Heo: *Slowly peels his eyes open to stare at Elrechai's tear-blurred features* I-I don't...mean to.

Ayeda: *Stares at the floor at the corners of his eyes shyly. Biting his lower lip again* That's an ugly way of saying it...

Elrechai: Hn. It's not something you apologize for. *Smiles slightly* Otherwise you'll make me feel bad.

Kicin: *Almost purring* Then how should I say it, 'yeda? If it's not consensual... *Leaves the hint hanging. Briefly but barely touches the slope of his wrist*

Heo: I don't m-mean...for that, either. *Places a light, tear-wet kiss at the corner of Elrechai's mouth. A light shiver*

Ayeda: *About to say something but stops. A strange little smile as if admonishing himself. Turns his head to the side but playfully keeps his eyes downcast* Does that excite you?

Elrechai: What did you take tonight? *Questioning but curious* If it's not alcohol, it's drugs, right?

Kicin: *Chuckles softly at the insinuation. Slides his hand down and rests it lightly on Ayeda's hip* Little boys playing grown-up. That excites me, 'yeda.

Heo: *Mumuring under his breath* Something...Lile gave me. Promised it would...be good. *Even softer* ...trust Lile.

Ayeda: *Huffs* But I'm not a little boy.

Elrechai: *Momentarily expressionless before curiosity easily slips back* Is it good then?

Kicin: Oh? *Cocks his head slightly in mock curiosity* Are you a wolf in sheep's clothing then, 'yeda?

Heo: *Lowers his eyes* I...*Mumbled in one, quick breath* waskindofhornyearlier.
Ayeda: *Lingeringly licks his lips before smiling slightly. Leans upwards to whisper huskily into Kicin's ear, still avoiding any direct eye contact* It's true that I'm a wolf... but I was never disguised.

Elrechai: Eh? *Honestly didn't catch it*

Kicin: *Smirks beneath the fall of his hair. Inclines his head towards Ayeda's mouth* I suppose friends should be honest with one another. *Squeezes the hand resting on the other's hip* That makes two of us, 'yeda.

Heo: *Willing himself not to blush* I...really wanted you. *Nudges Elrechai's thigh with his knee as if giving another hint*

Ayeda: Only wolves can mate together, right? *Darkly shuttered eyes as he angles his mouth closer to Kicin's* Do you like my name that much?

Elrechai: *Blinks. Once. Twice. Tries to keep from his amusement from showing but ends up chuckling slightly* Are you sure he didn't slip you an erectile dysfunction drug or something?

Kicin: *Half nods. Inches his own mouth slightly closer and smiles* Mm. However. *Uses his free hand to smoothly free his face of lengthy hair* I'd rather you say mine.

Heo: I don't... *Unable to stop the smallest hint of a blush from appearing* It's not...funny.

Ayeda: *Rubs the tip of his tongue against the lower part of his front teeth. Parts his lip just slightly where he knows Kicin can witness the display. Keeps his eyes focused on the other's mouth* Kic...

Elrechai: *Unable to help smirking* You wanted me? How badly?

Kicin: *The bearest flicker of tongue between pressed lips at the obvious invitation to do something. Merely slides a smile onto his face and whispers so that hot breath washes over saliva-damp teeth* Kicin.

Heo: *Whimpers and tries hiding his face even as he explains* Touching myself wouldn't...make it stop. *Slightly muffled* Had to...come back.

Ayeda: *A slow, seductive smile before withdrawing completely and leaning backwards on his hands* You can't have everything you want. *Lifts his eyes for the first time to meet Kicin's. Low and husky* You're going to have to make me want to scream it....

Elrechai: You touched yourself? *Decidedly intrigued look* Did you think about me while you were doing it?
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