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"This Way."
Post One. 
30th-May-2006 05:30 pm
fingered heart
Characters: Elrechai, Heo, Zeke
Date: 3.30.06

Elrechai: I knew this place would be dead without me. *Sniffs self-importantly*

Zeke: Dee, you goddamn fucking crazy bit-- *Stops to stare* shit.

Heo: *Glances around and then stares at his shoes*

Heo: *antsy. bites his lip and stares at Elrechai but says nothing*

Elrechai: *Becomes unexpectedly frosty* It's not your concern where I went.

Zeke: *snorts* Are you just going to take this shit from him, Heo?

Heo: *sided glace at Zeke* No, but I...no. *watches Elrechai. softly* I...where did you go...?

Elrechai: ... nowhere. I'm never going back there, so it doesn't matter.

Zeke: ...

Heo: *Slight protest* But you were gone for...okay. *Crosses his arms and looks down*

Elrechai: *Stares at Heo* Zeke. Leave.

Zeke: *Coolly* Why?

Heo: *Startled* W-what?

Elrechai: There's something I need to talk to Heo about. Go the hell away.

Zeke: *Narrowed eyes* Fine, but the next time I have to ask for an explanation... it'll be at knife's point, Elrechai. You can be certain of that. *Walks out of the room*

Heo: *Watches Zeke leave. fidgets* What did... *Trails off and tightens his arms around himself*

Elrechai: *Moves towards the window but doesn't quite make it there. Softly* Are you scared, Heo?

Heo: *Watches Elrechai from beneath a hooded gaze. As equally quiet* ...should I be?

Elrechai: When Zeke walked in, I thought... *Shakes his head* You just seem more nervous than usual.

Heo: *Squiet* I didn't know what to...I'm not nervous.

Elrechai: *Low* Are you angry with me?

Heo: *Barely audible* I...don't know.

Elrechai: I have... a lot of answer for. But... *Murmurs* I kept my promise.

Heo: I know. But I, *Shivers slightly* I didn't know what... *Looks away*

Elrechai: Didn't know what, Heo? *Glances over at him* Where I went? What I did? Why I left?

Heo: *Wearily lifts his gaze and looks back* What to think about it...

Elrechai: *Another blank look before he looks away* I didn't do it to hurt you... not intentionally. There was just something that needed to be done... so I had to go.

Heo: *Bites his lip in thought. Softly* ...what?

Elrechai: *Tersely* Nothing. It was a failed attempt anyway.

Heo: *Low but quickly* Why won't you...tell me?

Elrechai: If I did... would you tell me what goes on in your head? *Turns back to him but stares at the ground before him* I know that I shouldn't ask for anything
since I already owe you, but... I just have to.

Heo: *slides his eyes to watch Elrechai's feet. still low* I could, but I, *closes his eyes for a moment* I'm afraid that...nevermind. *Slight pause. Inhale* I'll...try.

Elrechai: *Takes a breath* What do you want to know?

Heo: *Drops his hands to his sides. Hesitant* ...why? Why everything? And for what?

Elrechai: *Folds his arms, tilting his head to the side* I had to prove that... this feeling I had was real. I couldn't do that here or with you. *Glances at the floor*
But... nothing went as I expected. And more now than ever... I'm confused about what I want.

Heo: ...feeling? I, *Soft sigh* I still don't...understand. I'm sorry. I... *Chews on his lip. Lightly fists his hands against his thighs*

Elrechai: ... *Very softly* Heo... there's someone else I love. *Noticeably hurt look* That's where I went.

Heo: O-oh. *Crosses his arms again. Lowers his head even further to hide his face* You could have... *Is silent*

Elrechai: *Doesn't say anything for a moment* I've loved only him for longer than I know... and I always wanted to keep it that way. But then you... *Pause* You made break that oath.

Heo: *A faint whisper* You never...said that you- *Audibly chokes on his tongue* ...I'm sorry.

Elrechai: Never said what, Heo? *Eyes down cast*

Heo: *Still choked* Do you...love me? *Shivers. Squeezes his eyes shut*

Elrechai: *Humourless smile* It kind of hurts to say it... but I can't deny something that's true.

Heo: *Glances up* I-I missed you. And I... *Shivers again*

Elrechai: *Turns to him. softly* You what?

Heo: *Swllows* I shouldn't, but... *Very quiet* I...love you, too, Elrechai. More than... *Shakes his head. hides his face against his hands*

Elrechai: Hn. *Pauses to internalize that. Walks up to Heo and gently pries his hands from his face, examining his palms almost clinically* Before... if he had asked me
to, I would've cast you aside without glancing back. *Licks his lips. Quietly* I never thought I'd deny him for someone else... and yet I did...

Heo: *Slight shudder at Elrechai's holding of his hands* And you didn't because... *Shakes his head and chokes on a breath he takes. Closes his eyes again to fight the urge to cry*

Elrechai: *Furrows eyebrows in thought. Slowly traces Heo's lifelines with his thumb* Because you're important to me. I wanted to come back to you. *Kisses the centre of Heo's palm*

Heo: *Visibly trembles with the tracing and kissing of his palm. Breath hitched* I'm glad you... *Lifts his hand and tightens it in the material of Elrechai's shirt* Elrechai...

Elrechai: *Covers Heo's fisted hand with his own. Leans down to kiss the base of Heo's throat* Is it okay though... even when my feelings for the two of you waver?
*Rests his forehead against Heo's shoulder. The faintest tremble* I don't know what I want.

Heo: *Hums softly in reply to what Elrechai has said. Shivers upon feeling the other tremble* If you need me to... *Shakes his head to lose the thought. Uses his other hand to slide it around part of Elrechai's shoulder* I...it's okay.

Elrechai: *Lifts his head slightly at that. Abandons Heo's hand to wrap his arm around the others shoulders, other arm slipping around Heo's waist. Closes his eyes* How can that be? I'm asking for too much...

Heo: *Shudders in the embrace. Soft* I don't think you...no. *Nuzzles his nose against Elrechai's ear* It's...I understand this...

Elrechai: I... understand this too. *Blindly searches for Heo's mouth, accidently kissing the corner of his mouth*

Heo: *Whimpers at the pressure of Elrechai's lips against the corner of his mouth. Tilts his face towards the warmth and initiates a full kiss. Murmurs against his lips* I missed you too much...

Elrechai: *Makes a low, nearly inaudible sound. Draws out a longer kiss before murmuring back breathlessly* Mutual. Stay tonight.

Heo: *Gasps quietly, fingers moving to brush across the nape of his neck* I don't...know if I should. *Nudges against Elrechai's chin and sucks against the skin just below* I want to...

Elrechai: *Draws back a little to look at Heo. Faint smile* Then stay with me.

Heo: *Licks his lips slightly* I...Elrechai, you... *Hesitant* You just got here and...

Elrechai: Don't misunderstand. *Lowers his eyes slightly* I just want you close by.

Heo: *Slides his fingers to touch Elrechai's jaw. Gently pushes to have his gaze meet his own* If you want me...

Elrechai: *Slightest hint of uncertainty* Of course I do.
Heo: *Murmurs softly* I'll...stay. *Brushes his lips across Elrechai's mouth* Kiss me. Please...

Elrechai: *Kisses Heo gently and thoroughly. Pulls away just slightly, whispers* I'm tired. Can we sleep?

Heo: *Nods once and pulls him towards the bed in the room. Carefully prods Elrechai under the blankets and slides in next to him* Mm.

Elrechai: ... *Moves against him and rests there*
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